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[debian-devel:03360] Re: pine port for hamm

From: Kikutani Makoto <kikutani@debian.or.jp>
Subject: [debian-devel:03350] Re: pine port for hamm
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 06:52:15 +0900

> 添付のCOPYRIGHTなんですが、これはnon-freeじゃなくていいですよね?

そうなのかなぁ と思いましたが、ちょうど 本家 debian-users MLとかでも
pine の debian packaging の話がでていまして、そこでは

	そもそも Debianのような形式でのbinary配布は できない


というわけで pine-ja_3.96lj1.1b7-1.deb は とりあえず ftp に置きません。
source package一式だけ置いておきます。
# よくわかんないから とりあえずこれも non-free にしちゃお

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On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, George Bonser wrote:

> Although the above trademark and copyright restrictions do not convey the
> right to redistribute derivative works, the University of Washington
> encourages unrestricted distribution of patch files which can be applied
> to the University of Washington Pine distribution.
> ...
> Someone in Debian saw that second paragraph and thought "gee, we make a
> patch file to create our package so we must have a derivative work". 
> We have to distribute the debianization as a separate file in source form
> only.  
> I think that is incorrect and I further suspect that nobody contacted
> washington.edu to make sure.

I contacted washington.edu and they really do not want binaries to be
distributed if they do not "approve" the patches *first*.

If we do not have the freedom to apply whatever patches we like, including
security or bug fixes, without an approval from the University of
Washington, then we will have to distribute the patches without the

I will not accept a special permission which allow us to distribute only a
"certain" release of pine. This is the only way to keep intact our
"freedom to patch".

> Nowhere does it say in that copyright that you can not distribute a binary.

It does. A binary produced from patched sources is a derivative work.

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