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[debian-devel:03709] Upload xfree86-freetype_3.3.2.f-8


 xfree86-freetype_3.3.2.f-8 を upload しました。


 ・XFree86-3.3.2patch2 のマージ。
      - Various buffer overflows (some exploitable) in Xlib and the Xt, Xaw
        and Xmu libraries.
      - Fix a denial of service problem with xdm (the fix is in the Xdmcp
      - Fix some build problems that show up when using gcc 2.8.x.
      - Fix a sysconf() related problem that shows up with recent FreeBSD
      - FreeBSD config update to include multi-byte locale support.
      - scanpci and X server update to detect the AGP slot on some
     This patch includes a resync with TOG's public patch 3 for

 ・xtt06-modconv01fix00 のマージ
      - config/cf 下のマクロの整理
      - lib/fonts/FreeType 下の Imakefile の整理
 ・XF86_Accel.1x を参照しているマニュアル(XF{86,98}_* サーバのうち、
   SVGAベース、VGA16 ベース、mono 以外のもの)のインストールがおかしかっ
 ・XF98Setup が dialog に依存するので、xserver-freetype-nec480 が
   Depends: dialog になるよう修正。



 From Nagoya
   ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxxx, ishikawa@debian.or.jp
       **  石川 睦@Japan Linux Users Group ** 
                      (Nagoya Linux Users Group)
  私家版 f.o.l FAQ (Last Update : 1997/12/24)   (どこかに移動予定)

Format: 1.5
Date: Tue,  2 Jun 1998 01:45:13 +0900
Source: xfree86-freetype
Binary: xserver-freetype-mga xfntscl xslib xnest-freetype xmanpages xlib6 xserver-freetype-tgui xserver-freetype-wsna xserver-freetype-p9000 xserver-freetype-mono xvfb-freetype xdocbase xserver-freetype-necs3 xext xslibg xserver-freetype-mach32 xfnt75 xserver-freetype-ganbwap xserver-freetype-agx xfntpex xfntcyr libxserver-support xserver-freetype-i128 xserver-freetype-nkvnec xserver-freetype-vga16 xbase xserver-freetype-pwskb xbooks xlib6g-dev xserver-freetype-mach8 xserver-freetype-svga xserver-freetype-nec480 xprt-freetype xserver-freetype-8514 xserver-freetype-pwlb xserver-freetype-s3v xserver-freetype-w32 xlib6g xserver-freetype-svga98 xserver-freetype-mach64 xfnt100 xfntbig xlib6-altdev xserver-freetype-s3 xserver-freetype-wabs xfntbase xserver-freetype-ga968 xserver-freetype-wabep libxserver-support-dev
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 3.3.2.f-8
Distribution: frozen unstable
Urgency: high
Maintainer: ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 libxserver-support - Shared library for X server
 libxserver-support-dev - Develop library for X server
 xbase      - local clients and configuration required by X
 xbooks     - general X Window System documentation
 xdocbase   - xfree86-freetype base documents(copyright, X-TT readme etc)
 xext       - Extensions to X servers
 xfnt100    - 100 dpi fonts for X servers
 xfnt75     - 75 dpi fonts for X servers
 xfntbase   - standard fonts for X servers
 xfntbig    - large fonts for X servers
 xfntcyr    - Cyrillic fonts for X servers
 xfntpex    - minimal fonts for PEX support in X servers
 xfntscl    - scalable fonts for X servers
 xlib6      - shared libraries required by libc5 X clients
 xlib6-altdev - Include files and libraries for libc5 X client development
 xlib6g     - shared libraries required by X clients
 xlib6g-dev - include files and libraries for X client development
 xmanpages  - manual pages for X developers
 xnest-freetype - nested X server (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xprt-freetype - X print Server (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-8514 - X server for 8514/A-based graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib
 xserver-freetype-agx - X server for AGX/XGA-based graphics cards(with FreeType and VFlib
 xserver-freetype-ga968 - X server GA968/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-ganbwap - X server GANBWAP/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-i128 - X server for Imagine 128 graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib2
 xserver-freetype-mach32 - X server for Mach32-based graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib
 xserver-freetype-mach64 - X server for Mach64-based graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib
 xserver-freetype-mach8 - X server for Mach8-based graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib2
 xserver-freetype-mga - X server for MGA (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-mono - X server for mono graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-nec480 - X for NEC480/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2) and setup program
 xserver-freetype-necs3 - X server NECS3/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-nkvnec - X server NKVNEC/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-p9000 - X server for P9000-based graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib2
 xserver-freetype-pwlb - X server PWLB/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-pwskb - X server PWSKB/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-s3 - X server for S3-based graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-s3v - old X server for S3 ViRGE series graphics cards (with FreeType an
 xserver-freetype-svga - X server for SVGA graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-svga98 - X server SVGA/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-tgui - X server TGUI/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-vga16 - X server for VGA (with FreeType and VFlib2) and X server setup pr
 xserver-freetype-w32 - X server for W32-based graphics cards (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-wabep - X server WABEP/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-wabs - X server WABS/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xserver-freetype-wsna - X server WSNA/PC-98x1 (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xslib      - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6
 xslibg     - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6g
 xvfb-freetype - Virtual FrameBuffer X server (with FreeType and VFlib2)
 xfree86-freetype (3.3.2.f-8) frozen unstable; urgency=HIGH
   * XFree86-3.3.2-patch2
      - Various buffer overflows (some exploitable) in Xlib and the Xt, Xaw
        and Xmu libraries.
      - Fix a denial of service problem with xdm (the fix is in the Xdmcp
      - Fix some build problems that show up when using gcc 2.8.x.
      - Fix a sysconf() related problem that shows up with recent FreeBSD
      - FreeBSD config update to include multi-byte locale support.
      - scanpci and X server update to detect the AGP slot on some
     This patch includes a resync with TOG's public patch 3 for X11R6.3.
   * xtt06-modconv01fix00 patch
      - new imake macro FTypeMod.rules is added
      - Imakefile in code convert modules sub directory is modified
   * XF{86,98}_* manual page aliases problem is fixed
   * xserver-freetype-nec480 dependency is changed. XF98Setup uses dialog,
     so xserver-freetype-nec480 depends dialog package
 1e466f4a833d44dc388f9cc339369a3f 1518 x11 optional xfree86-freetype_3.3.2.f-8.dsc
 9a2b4fc2946ad2a4c9256099f99b18fd 572231 x11 optional xfree86-freetype_3.3.2.f-8.diff.gz
 2d0799d3a7ebab6872eda54c80a33105 161822 x11 optional libxserver-support_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 d2cc97a50ff40cfb05b55ae8d59a3cf3 197900 x11 optional libxserver-support-dev_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 00f879493c2200952839f54965e00364 559886 x11 optional xserver-freetype-8514_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 30d11582f35613312be8276b15d4af2b 633194 x11 optional xserver-freetype-agx_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 93f1c5bc472581541dc543d58669ca58 723956 x11 optional xserver-freetype-i128_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 5557654cda14abb10e4a4db795005695 619066 x11 optional xserver-freetype-mach32_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 eb545577209f7d17bc2a443f2cb8469a 664482 x11 optional xserver-freetype-mach64_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 a3930fa6d15eb9e3aeb9be202069cf41 563510 x11 optional xserver-freetype-mach8_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 8124e5990150da7f41acab02cd00c3f7 619188 x11 optional xserver-freetype-mono_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 17f790f5030017e3c1538212cb078cb4 641018 x11 optional xserver-freetype-p9000_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 709438b34dac7894c8ff322a43162d5e 817266 x11 optional xserver-freetype-s3_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 f4a2c6601eca119a0cb54e7c7a673249 719668 x11 optional xserver-freetype-s3v_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 29ae69f7a7e62717608d1ab063dfa615 1047932 x11 optional xserver-freetype-svga_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 a19be290256180721d4cd0f1dc4f052f 1124148 x11 optional xserver-freetype-vga16_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 94de73f48172857f46c06236a827f8ad 574894 x11 optional xserver-freetype-w32_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 fd470abaabe9d3e9ffee507b38bf936d 821452 x11 optional xserver-freetype-ganbwap_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 22e4a2911fd9de36eb5b2b25ccd3162d 1257934 x11 optional xserver-freetype-nec480_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 f2c2845b751983048b42fc34ccfbf647 821464 x11 optional xserver-freetype-nkvnec_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 55fde2cb40943c9ff6fe364493fed95a 821420 x11 optional xserver-freetype-wabs_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 02c97a86984103ca5a9a92c9b76e2918 821392 x11 optional xserver-freetype-wabep_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 fb71e730720e83ddaf5bba3f6890bc83 821594 x11 optional xserver-freetype-wsna_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 b17c449753d2a7bdef8e78274ae7987b 793780 x11 optional xserver-freetype-tgui_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 1a7358d29ca1b2dfcfb32dfc84ec0475 796196 x11 optional xserver-freetype-mga_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 b9813a1274372adfc6ca59754f37c40e 823550 x11 optional xserver-freetype-svga98_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 dc1a9a1511138fc52c7444a76dd646b9 824740 x11 optional xserver-freetype-necs3_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 3458bdfc3764e4d6c4bb07f374b417da 828632 x11 optional xserver-freetype-pwskb_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 a9d93994f30e5772f806b51a7820ed63 819956 x11 optional xserver-freetype-pwlb_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 186ca0f4db31dc9e7473a452bafeb057 820892 x11 optional xserver-freetype-ga968_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 8530cbc6d649da6b58b429ab1e07c09f 2050712 x11 optional xbase_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 786862f12af1a51ed7a8dfa7eeb79edd 507346 x11 optional xlib6g-dev_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 4227787b14d3ad968935a2b06deffd52 520182 x11 optional xext_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 2cb20b42c9ab3698e9c989198d0333ba 760256 x11 optional xlib6g_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 2ec765f502091584decdffb98cc830d8 713326 x11 optional xnest-freetype_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 d39677a5ad5a93048b21930b11522127 925090 x11 optional xprt-freetype_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 5dfa1592dc1526e8993b4e04f10fa507 938606 x11 optional xslibg_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 4919fa6254a18eaa1981130af9163cd5 907308 x11 optional xvfb-freetype_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 2b2c477f7f1dd2fa8ed160678031cab8 204506 x11 optional xfntbase_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 c5d38b815ba1a2ef86340ea0e2ef210e 2212774 x11 optional xfntbig_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 5142e1ec2914842254da784c41771fd7 1066622 x11 optional xfnt75_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 007ac547c7bbfb455263176ff4f6cc51 1239154 x11 optional xfnt100_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 ba438073daeafc1ff5c0c9e8f1200e54 9590 x11 optional xfntpex_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 a2640b34d62467289041c2a263145604 1124932 x11 optional xfntscl_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 adfa5550cef19fc5f987fcc2d96f1c2a 367694 x11 optional xfntcyr_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 c0d2223083943b0b9055b0977dc4d113 17265848 x11 optional xbooks_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 2e50b68e6bb56fcfa246e3c7ddc2bd94 247196 x11 optional xdocbase_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 b8eee765a16cbc8f81f0ab84f7ead817 883358 x11 optional xmanpages_3.3.2.f-8_all.deb
 1b508ce2490900b048aa5473be13378f 565330 oldlibs optional xlib6-altdev_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 c5a9e399ef391898189314d527640e0a 725606 oldlibs optional xlib6_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb
 2f0c697d21bebfba9c6c18053874ba7a 1058550 oldlibs optional xslib_3.3.2.f-8_i386.deb

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv