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本家でこんな話題が流れていました。rpm に押され気味の deb ですが、これを

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I had some interesting conversations with RMS. He informed me that FSF has
someone working on packaging the HURD. Apparently the fellow would like to
use RH because that is what he is familiar with. RMS told him that he would
prefer a Debian packaging since we are more PC (if only in the software
sense) and therefore more aligned with FSF.

So, this guy needs our help. RMS would appreciate it, even if his terse
messages don't indicate as much. I also think that packaging HURD would
be a nice industry first that RH should not beat us to.

All that aside, this sounds very technically challenging and way out of
my water. The Novare crew will do whatever we can to make this happen
as far as resources go.

So, there it is.


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Subject: Hurd packager
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Please ask someone to contact gord@xxxxxxxxxxxx
to help him package a Hurd system Debian-style.

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