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[debian-devel:05910] Re: package selection of emacs20 with Canna/Wnn again..


 ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxxx> さんは
   Subject: [debian-devel:05908] package selection of emacs20 with Canna/Wnn again..
   Message-ID: <19981105230124L.ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>> むつみです。

>>  emacs20 with Wnn: emacs20, emacs20-dl, emacs-dl-wnn
>>  emacs20 with canna: emacs20, emacs20-dl, emacs-dl-canna
>> (上記は必要最低限のみ。さらに、加えるなら
>>   emacs20-el, emacs20-dl-el, wnn or wnn6, canna を必要に応じて)

 うーんと、当然 emacs20 と emacs20-dl の依存してる、

Depends: emacsen-common, liblockfile0, libc6 (>= 2.0.7u), liblockfile0 (>= 0.1-1), libncurses4, xlib6g (>= 3.3-5)

は双方とも必要です(ってのを書き忘れた ^^;;)

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