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[debian-devel:06905] Re: Bug#JP/737: trr19: score-file-must-not-be-conffile /var/lib/games/trr19/CONTENTS

香田です。Vine の FTP インストールに失敗(^^;

From: Takao KAWAMURA <kawamura@debian.or.jp>
Subject: [debian-devel:06904] Re: Bug#JP/737: trr19: score-file-must-not-be-conffile /var/lib/games/trr19/CONTENTS
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 16:55:02 +0900

> のかわからないのですが、conffileって/etcの下になければ駄目な
> んでしたっけ? パッケージングマニュアルには載っていなかったよ
> うな…。

/usr/doc/debian-policy/policy.text.gz によると

4.7. Configuration files

     Any configuration files created or used by your package should reside
     in `/etc'. If there are several you should consider creating a
     subdirectory named after your package.

     It is almost certain that any file in `/etc' that is in your package's
     filesystem archive should be listed in `dpkg''s `conffiles' control
     area file. (See the _Debian Packaging Manual_).

思うのに lintian 君はうるさすぎますよね。

 香田 温人(こうだ あつひと)