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[debian-devel:09148] Re: Debian packages descriptions in Japaneses

On Fri, 21 May 1999 12:50:48 -0300
	baptista@xxxxxxxxxxx(Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira)  said:
b> 	Hi,
b> 	I'm trying to do a portuguese Debian based dist and found your post (in
b> Japanese - that I dont read) in Debian-devel?
b> 	How to you could translate debian packages to japanese. I want to do the
b> same with portuguese?

 I'm designning to work a i18n mechanism to handle any
languages with our Debian packaging systems. And of course,
it will handle Portuguese description field, but it's not
implemented yet.

 Currently, I'm writing a design note about such mechanism.
It is not yet complete, and it also written in Japanese, sorry.
(Here it is:

 This design note refer to these ideas:

  * Definition of `system default language' on base system.
    It's not a packaging system specific term.

  * Packaging system relate issue. Definition of translation
    format file for such as description field of control
    files (but, it is not a description specific way),
    it is separated from *.deb file. It is look like GNU
    gettext, may be...

    Mechanism to work localized text on packaging systems
    (dpkg, apt, dselect) with the system default language.

  * Definition of distribution mechanism of translated
    format files in efficient and safety way.

b> 	Have a nice day,		Paulo Henrique

You too!
Mitsuru Oka <oka@debian.or.jp>