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[debian-devel:11613] Re: locale-*

Sorry, I have just read that the original report was mistake,
he confused the 2.1.3 and CVS version of 2.2.pre.

In <00021408011800.14382@ghoti>,
 at Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 23:02:38 +0900,
  on Subject: [debian-devel:11607] Re: locale-*,
   Ashley Clark <aclark@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I've rebuilt my LC_* files with the localedef from 2.1.3 and there
> were no changes in the resulting files. I've also noticed no ill
> effects with my installation of 2.1.3 and locale-vi, again, I think
> that my reading whatever you read will help me recognize any problem.

Your analysis is right. Excuse me for the false report.

# The change may happen to woody, so we should be prepared to that, I think.


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