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  こんな記事が fj.comp.texhax に流れていました。自分自身は TeX を使わ

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10月6日に Omega project の Plaice氏などの講演会を東大駒場で開きます。
(詳しくは、http://ms326.ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp/otobe/noneurotex.html を御

その Plaice氏から、以下の問い合わせの mail をもらいました。情報をお

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We are currently working on integrating emacs, Omega and xdvi.
It turns out that some of this work was undertaken by two Japanese
researchers, Minato Kawaguti and Norio Kitajima, and they published
an article in TUGboat 15(3):293--300 (1994), entitled Concurrent Use of
an Interactive TeX Previewer with an Emacs-type Editor.  They produced
a patch file for xdvi, producing a new program called xdvi+.

Unfortunately, I can find no trace of them on the Web.  The stated
email kawaguti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is no longer valid, and the
stated FTP site i1mps1.fuis.fukui-u.ac.jp refuses anonymous FTP access.
In addition, Google and Alta Vista do not give any information.

Would you have any idea where these researchers are (perhaps Kawaguti-san
is retired?).  Also, do you know if the source code for xdvi+ is available
somewhere?  If you yourself do not know, would you know someone who might?


John Plaice

- --
  Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo

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