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[debian-devel:16039] 【お願い】 鍵の差し替えメールへの署名のお願い

Debian 開発関係各位




These are the rules governing what happens if a developer (Alice) wishes to
replace her existing key (X) in the Debian keyring with a new key (Y).

 1. Key Y must be signed by an active Debian developer (Bob) whose key is in
    the keyring.
 2. Alice must get a Debian developer (ideally not Bob) to sign a message
    requesting the replacement of key X with key Y on behalf of Alice. That
    statement should contain key fingerprints and Debian login details.
 3. If the reason for replacement is 'key X is compromised or no longer valid'
    then the request for replacement must be accompanied by a revocation
    certificate for key X.
 4. If the reason for the replacement is 'key X was lost' then a revocation
    certificate should be provided if possible.
 5. If the reason is 'I wanted a new key' then the new key must be strictly
    more secure than the old key and 'reasonably' connected where 'reasonably'
    is left up to keyring-maint and varies depending on the circumstances of
    the developer in question.
 6. Anything else is at keyring-maint's discretion and, in general, arbitrary
    key replacements without good cause will be rejected.

手順1については、過日 Keysigning in Tokyo にて参加者の方々に署名をし

手順2にて、Debian 開発者の方に差し替えの依頼のメールの署名を頂く必要

				Negishi Satoshi