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Re: [Debian JP Weekly Draft2] Debian JP News 1999/8/10 - 1999/8/16


> Debian JP Weekly のページの以下からとれるようになってます。過去の分は 
> text のまんまです。
>   http://www2.osk.3web.ne.jp/~shishamo/debian/trans/djwn/

 これから投稿する版もありますか? ちょっと見当たら


 * [debian-users:17385] Re: Wnn6 from TurboLinux 4 Package

>     -- Hiromichi Kawachi posted the way to use Wnn6 on Debian. In Japan,
>         TurboLinux is the leading Linux commercial distribution, and
>         commercial applications tend to support only TurboLinux platform.
>         This mail describe the way to create Wnn6 deb package by using
>         alien and some modification on installation script.
>         http://www.debian.or.jp/Lists-Archives/debian-users/199908/msg00226.htm


"In this mail, he describes... by using alien and by modifying
the installation script in the original archive."


>  * [debian-devel:10066] [PATCH] X-TrueType support
>     -- Mutsumi Ishikawa posted a patch for X which enables the X-TrueType
>         support on Debian. True Type font support is a serious interest for
>         us, people using 2 byte character language. Because we have
>         thousands of characters, lots of efforts are required to develop
>         a new font data.

 Beause... は例えば以下みたいなのではどうでしょうか。

"We have so many characters to develop a new font data from scratch,
while various TrueType fonts for Japanese (and other 2 byte
characters, maybe) have already been available both commercially
and freely.

# freely はウソかも...

>         ++ watanabe-vfont was rejected by copyright problem but vflib2
>             still depends on it.

 こういう時は "has been" を使うと良いと思います :-)

"watanabe font has been rejected by..., but ..."

>         ++ semi1.12, wemi1.12 is on incoming also available from
                                              ^and が必要?
>             deb http://www.debian.gr.jp/~kitame/debs/ ./