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Re: [Debian Weekly News Draft1] Debian JP News 1999/10/26 - 1999/11/1


DWN の Draft1 です。よろしかったらご査読ください。

HTML は、以下から入手できます。


なお、こちらにも commit 済です。



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                   Debian JP Project: Debian JP Weekly News
Debian JP Weekly News 10/26/1999 - 11/01/1999

   This is the recent news [10/26/1999 - 11/01/1999] from Debian JP
   Project. Debian JP Project has now five open MLs, debian-users,
   debian-devel, debian-doc jp-policy, and jp-qa on debian.or.jp.
     * [1]JP Merge Operation (continued)
     * [2]Other Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp
     * [3]Debian JP References
   JP Merge Operation (continued)
   Taketoshi Sano [4]reported the status of the BUG#41570, "Can not
   handle kanji font PS" on gs package. He arranged kanji-patch and
   uploaded it to ask maintainer to try it and also has already been
   [5]uploaded to Debian JP experimental archive and ask JP people to
   test it.
   man-db-ja repository location and jless, jgroff status report has been
   [6]submitted by also Taketoshi Sano.
   mh-ja merge status is [7]reported by Taketoshi Sano. It seems to be
   almost finished successfully.
   gs-ja copyright issue has been [8]raised. licenses for only non-profit
   and so on seems to be included. Now under investigation.
   Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp
   asclassic, a light window manager with the NEXTSTEP look and feel has
   been [9]uploaded to Debian-JP Archive by Taketoshi Sano.
   Extipl, Yet Another Boot Selector for IBM-PC compatibles has been
   [10]uploaded by Taketoshi Sano.
   foiltex is [11]ITPed by Atsuhito Kohda.
   [12]ITPed aish by Atsushi KAMOSHIDA. [13]aish is ish upper compatible
   format converter between text and binary.
   Debian JP References
     * [14]Debian JP Project Home
     * [15]Debian JP Administration Log
       Fumitoshi UKAI, the Debian JP Project Leader, has been taking time
       to summarize the JP administration log (in Japanese) as well as
       the discussion on the debian.org's ML (in English).
   Thanks a lot for the below contribution from Debian JP project:
   Proofread: NAKANO Takeo
    Editor: Katsura S. Yoshio <yoshio@debian.or.jp>
   $Id: index.html,v 1.1 1999/10/25 15:02:18 yoshio Exp $


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