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Re: [JF:09638] ja HOWTO

Hi Marco, I am one of members in JF Project. :)

In article <385BB9A0.7E431957@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
  at Sun, 19 Dec 1999 21:58:23 +0900,
    on [JF:09638] ja HOWTO,
 Marco Budde <Budde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi!
> Im the maintainer of the Debian doc-linux-ja package.
> At the moment the package is a little bit out of date
> (98.05).
> So Ive tried to update my package, but the HTML version
> of your JP translations are broken. Ive tried sunsite
> and ftp://ftp.linet.gr.jp/pub/JF/. On both servers the
> tar archives are HTML files including the table of contents.
> But were are the documents itself?

Thank you for your feedback. The script for our automatic archive 
updates had some typo, and it was fixed at Dec 20. 

Now you can download the correct archive from linet server, I think.

I wish to point out also, that one of Debian JP developer,
Hidenobu NABETANI <nabe@debian.or.jp> has been working to check 
the copyright/license of the documents in our archive in order to
create his package for Debian (doc-linux-text-ja/doc-linux-html-ja).

Some documents have non-commercial license as it's original from LDP,
so our translations for that documents has to be follow those licenses, 
though we JF Project generally wish to distribute our documents and 
translations as free (without non-commerecial license).

# Some documents in our archive are not the translation of LDP, 
# but the original documents. Most of them can be included into
# 'main' as DFSG compliant, but there may be some exceptions.

So if you create your pacakge, maybe you should check the copyright/license
of each documents. 

I hope you will work with him, Nabetani, so that users of our translations
in the shape of the Debian package, can use more frequently updated version.


  Taketoshi Sano: <sano@debian.org>,<sano@debian.or.jp>,<kgh12351@xxxxxxxxxxx>