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Re: [Debian Weekly News] Debian JP News 1999/12/13 - 1999/12/20


 すみません、 LC99 の余波で本業の締切がいくつか重なり、


> http://www.debian.or.jp/News/weekly/current/issue/

 こちらに対してちょっとしたパッチ... ですが、


--- index.html.orig	Wed Dec 22 12:21:18 1999
+++ index.html	Wed Dec 22 12:33:18 1999
@@ -31,30 +31,30 @@
 Taketoshi Sano has <a
-new version (1.0.9-3) of sgml-tools as a new maintainer of that package.
+a new version (1.0.9-3) of sgml-tools as a new maintainer of that package.
 This version of sgml-tools can deal with Japanese properly.<p>
-On previous weekend, we have event called <a
-href="http://lc99.linux.or.jp/";>LC99</a> (Linux Conference '99) event
-and The distributer of Debimaru, Dice, Omoikane and Storm, which based
-on Debian has discussed about the direction of them, the merit and
-demerit on Debian, and their contribution area to Debian.  The IRC log
+On previous weekend, we have an event called <a
+href="http://lc99.linux.or.jp/";>LC99</a> (Linux Conference '99).
+The distributers of Debimaru, Dice, Omoikane and Storm, all of which are based
+on Debian, discussed the direction of their packages, the merit and
+demerit of Debian, and their contribution <!--area--> to Debian.  The IRC log
 is temporaly placed at <a
-href="http://www.ukai.org/tmp/lc99/debian-panel.log";>here</a> (Sorry for
-this is all Japanese).
+href="http://www.ukai.org/tmp/lc99/debian-panel.log";>here</a> (in Japanese).
-The two-stage CVS repository for Japanese translation is <a
+The two-step CVS committing system for Japanese translation has been <a
-by Fumitoshi UKAI. Keita Maehara can upload this repository after
-checking the tranlation.
+by Fumitoshi UKAI. Keita Maehara uploads the contents at cvs.debian.or.jp
+to cvs.debian.org, after checking the tranlation.
 <font color="green" size="+2"><a name="discuss">Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp</a></font><p>
-Slink boot-floopies image 2.0.37 with fixed the AHA2940 is <a
+Slink boot-floopies image with the fix of AHA2940 problem was <a
->announced</a> by Akihiro Hirano.  It can be gotten from <a
+>announced</a> by Akihiro Hirano.  This image is based on kernel 2.0.37.
+You can obtain it from <a