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[d-i doc] ja/howto/installation-howto.xml 更新


標題のファイルで以下のような更新 (typo の修正) があったので追随

% svn diff -r19234:21931 en/howto/installation-howto.xml
Index: en/howto/installation-howto.xml
--- en/howto/installation-howto.xml	(revision 19234)
+++ en/howto/installation-howto.xml	(revision 21931)
@@ -220,7 +220,7 @@
 to pick a language and press &enterkey; to continue. Next you'll be asked to
 select your country, with the choices including countries where your
 language is spoken. If it's not on the short list, a list of all the
-countires in the world is available.
+countries in the world is available.
@@ -302,7 +302,7 @@
 probably found a bug in debian-installer. To improve the installer it
 is necessary that we know about them, so please take the time to
 report them. You can use an installation report to report problems;
-if the install completly fails, see <xref linkend="problem-report" />.
+if the install completely fails, see <xref linkend="problem-report" />.


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