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d-iインストールマニュアル 更新


Frans Popから連絡がありました。

Hello all,

I'd like to upload a new release of the Installation Guide after next 
weekend (22/23 April).

So, please update your translations before then. The only really recent 
change has been the addition of a section in the appendix on preseeding 
and a consistency improvement in the same appendix.

Translations that need updating:
- Brazilian: 35 files needing update
- Catalan: 1 file needing update; 10 untranslated
- Czech: unknown
- Japanese: 1 file needing update


武藤 健志@ kmuto @ kmuto.jp
           Debian/JPプロジェクト   (kmuto@debian.org, kmuto@debian.or.jp)
           株式会社トップスタジオ  (kmuto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
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