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[debian-users:01129] Re: PGP modified signature dashes ?

From: Kikutani Makoto <kikutani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [debian-users:01126] PGP modified signature dashes ?
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:39:22 +0900

> おかしいなあ。

> となって、signatureとの境界の「-- 」の前に「- 」が挿入されます。
> これって仕様ですか? 前はこんなことなかったような。

pgp(1) (あれ? pgp-i の 2.6.3i-1 だと pgp-i(1)だ)を見ると

       If CLEARSIG is enabled, then when signing and ASCII-armor
       ing a text file, PGP uses a different format that includes
       the  plaintext  in  human-readable  form.  Lines beginning
       with "-" are quoted with "- ".  To cope with some  of  the
       stupider mailers in the world, lines beginning with "From"
       are also quoted,  and  trailing  whitespace  on  lines  is
       stripped.   PGP  will  remove the quoting if you use it to
       decrypt the message, but the trailing  whitespace  is  not
       recovered.   This  is still useful enough to be enabled by

と書いてありますよ。(CLEARSIG は default on)