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please commit some wml files


以下のファイルがまだ commit されていないようです。
お手数ですが commit お願いします。> 前原さん

[X-Mail-Count: 00721] distrib/ftplist.wml の更新

* Added UK mirror site.
* Changed US mirror site URL.

[X-Mail-Count: 00726] donations.wml の更新

* Added other donations.
* Revised translation of "IRS".

[X-Mail-Count: 00729] intro/international.wml の修正

* Changed header infomation. (original bug?)
* Changed the translation for "link".

[X-Mail-Count: 00737] devel/HOWTO_work.on.website.wml の修正

* Improved translation.

Yoshizumi Endo <y-endo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>