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[www] po更新


#: ../../english/devel/debian-installer/images.data:90
msgid "ISO images"
msgstr "ISO イメージ"

#: ../../english/devel/debian-installer/images.data:91
msgid "Jigdo files"
msgstr "Jigdo ファイル"

#: ../../english/intro/organization.data:14
msgid "appointment mail"
msgstr "指名のメール"

#. One male delegate
#: ../../english/intro/organization.data:16
msgid "<void id=\"male\"/>delegate"
msgstr "委任"

#. One female delegate
#: ../../english/intro/organization.data:18
msgid "<void id=\"female\"/>delegate"
msgstr "委任"

#: ../../english/intro/organization.data:346
msgid "Debian Maintainer (DM) Keyring Maintainers"
msgstr "Debian メンテナ (DM) 公開鍵管理者"

#: ../../english/intro/organization.data:452
msgid "Summer of Code 2013 Administrators"
msgstr "Summer of Code 2013 管理者"

#: ../../english/template/debian/common_translation.wml:82
msgid "The Debian Blog"
msgstr "Debian ブログ"

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