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Re: DPN-2013-15 (03)



> 03. Community distribution

<toc-add-entry name="community">Community distribution</toc-add-entry>
Debian topped a poll on the
<a href="http://fossforce.com/2013/07/debian-tops-our-community-distro-poll/";>FOSS
Force blog</a> asking readers to name a <q>legitimate community
distribution</q>. 255 people took part in the poll, and as multiple
choices were allowed a total of 855 votes were cast. Debian received
173 votes (20%), with Arch Linux (141 votes, 16%) and Linux Mint
(95 votes, 11%) behind it. Interestingly, the results were in line
with the opinions of the blog's editors about what it means to be a
community distribution.
<toc-add-entry name="community">コミュニティディストリビューション</toc-add-entry>

<p>Debian は <a
href="http://fossforce.com/2013/07/debian-tops-our-community-distro-poll/";>FOSS Force
ブログ</a>が読者に対して行った<q>正統なコミュニティディストリビューション</q>の調査で第 1
位になりました。255 人の読者がこの調査に参加し、855 票 (複数回答可) が投票されました。Debian
は 173 票 (20%) を獲得し、Arch Linux (141 票、16%) と Linux Mint (95 票、11%)

AYANOKOUZI, Ryuunosuke <i38w7i3@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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