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#: lib/Locale/Po4a/AsciiDoc.pm:18
msgid ""
"By default, the targets of block images are translatable to give opportunity "
"to make the content point to translated images. This can be stopped by "
"setting this option."
msgstr ""

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Docbook.pm:9 lib/Locale/Po4a/Xml.pm:99
msgstr "コマンドラインオプションによるデフォルト挙動の上書き"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Docbook.pm:10
msgid ""
"The default behavior of system provided modules is set to be on the safe "
msgstr ""

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Docbook.pm:11
msgid ""
"For example, the default of B<< <author> >> tag is aiming it to appear under "
"B<< <para> >>.  But you may be using it only under B<< <bookinfo> >>.  For "
"this case, you may want to translate it independently for each author."
msgstr ""
"例えば、デフォルトでは B<< <author> >> タグは B<< <para> >> 中にあるものを対"
"象としていますが、B<< <bookinfo> >> 中でしか使っていないかもしれません。この"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Docbook.pm:12
msgid ""
"If you don't like the default behavior of the xml module and its derivative "
"modules, you can provide command line options to change their behavior.  For "
"example, you can add the following to the po4a configuration file:"
msgstr ""
"xml 及び派生モジュールのデフォルトの挙動が気に入らなければ、コマンドラインオ"
"プションを与えることでその挙動を変更できます。例えば以下を po4a 設定ファイル"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Docbook.pm:14
msgid ""
"This overrides the default behavior for B<< <bookinfo> >> and B<< <author> "
">>, set B<< <bookinfo> >> and B<< <author> >> to break input data stream on "
"these tags, set B<< <bookinfo> >> not to translate its tagged content, and "
"set B<< <author> >> to translate its tagged content."
msgstr ""
"この設定は B<< <bookinfo> >> と B<< <author> >> のデフォルトの挙動を上書き"
"し、B<< <bookinfo> >> タグと B<< <author> >> タグが現れたら入力データストリー"
"ムを中断し、B<< <bookinfo> >>についてはこのタグの内容を翻訳しないものとして"
"セットし、B<< <author> >> についてはこのタグの内容を翻訳するものとしてセット"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Po.pm:88
msgid ""
"Returns ($uptodate, $diagnostic) with $uptodate indicating whether all msgid "
"of the current po file are also present in the one passed as parameter (all "
"other fields are ignored in the file comparison).  Informally, if $uptodate "
"returns false, then the po files would be changed when going through B<po4a-"
msgstr ""
"($uptodate, $diagnostic) を返します。$uptodate は処理中のPOファイルにある全 "
"msgid がパラメータとして渡されたファイルにも存在するかどうかを示します (ファ"
"イル比較では他のフィールドはすべて無視されます)。簡単に言うと、$uptodate が偽"
"を返した場合、POファイルは B<po4a-updatepo> による処理の際に変更されます。"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Po.pm:89
msgid ""
"If $uptodate is false, then $diagnostic contains a diagnostic of why this is "
msgstr ""
"$uptodate が偽の場合、$diagnostic にはその理由を診断した結果が入ります。"

by default追加
#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Sgml.pm:37
msgid ""
"The error output of onsgmls is redirected to /dev/null by default, which is "
"clearly bad. I don't know how to avoid that."
msgstr ""
"onsgmls のエラー出力をデフォルトで /dev/null にリダイレクトしています。明らか"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Sgml.pm:40
msgid ""
"If you want to view the onsgmls output, just add the following to your "
"command line (or po4a configuration line):"
msgstr ""
"onsgmls の出力確認は以下をコマンドライン (または po4a 設定行) に追加するだけ"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/TeX.pm:45
#, no-wrap
msgid ""
"This permits to define the parameters accepted by the I<env> environment.\n"
"This information is later used to check the number of arguments of the\n"
"\\begin command, and permit to specify which one must be translated.\n"
"The syntax of the I<parameters> argument is the same as described for the\n"
"others commands.\n"
"The first parameter of the \\begin command is the name of the environment.\n"
"This parameter must not be specified in the list of parameters. Here are\n"
"some examples:\n"
" % po4a: environment multicols {}\n"
" % po4a: environment equation\n"
msgstr ""
"これは I<env> 環境が受け取るパラメータを定義できます。\\begin コマンドの\n"
"できます。I<parameters> 引数の構文は他の command で説明したものと同じです。\n"
"\\begin コマンドの第 1 引数は環境の名前です。このパラメータは、パラメータ\n"
" % po4a: environment multicols {}\n"
" % po4a: environment equation\n"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/TeX.pm:77
msgid "Overloads Transtractor's read()."
msgstr "Transtractor の read() で上書きします。"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Text.pm:11
msgid ""
"Treat paragraphs that look like a key value pair as verbatim (with the no-"
"wrap flag in the PO file).  Key value pairs are defined as a line containing "
"one or more non-colon and non-space characters followed by a colon followed "
"by at least one non-space character before the end of the line."
msgstr ""
"段落を逐語的にキー/値の組であるものとして扱います (PO ファイルには no-wrap フ"

#: lib/Locale/Po4a/Text.pm:33
msgid "Prevent po4a from wrapping lines."
msgstr "po4a が行を折り返さないようにします。"


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