[debian-doc 00099] Weblate ja status and some suggestions/questions

hoxp18 @ noramail.jp hoxp18 @ noramail.jp
2019年 6月 5日 (水) 02:13:01 JST

To: Debian Edu team
CC: Debian.or.jp doc team


I think I have done almost ja debian-edu-buster doc translation.
Next week's rendering be 99% ja, I guess.

During that self-review, some questions occurred to me.

Deep sub-section titles are too small

e.g.) foobar

These 4 depth titles are rendered smaller than main paragraph fonts.
I think it better to increase those rendering sizes.
(at least in HTML)

Sub units

Especially in Hardware requirement section,
there are mixed usage of MiB/MB and GiB/GB.

I think those do not have to be so precise; GB and MB seems fine.

Talking about storage and CPU freq/DRAM amount,
I agree we should use each sub units to make those expressions correct.

Are there so old working Debian Edu systems and tight expression needs?
I'm simply curious about it, since I do not know the actual working system.

GOsa2 section ja translation

As I said once, GOsa2 Web UI itself has no ja translation,
and I think it's rather fine. At least I have no capability to
translate GOsa2 and related LDAP po files properly.

Now I'm considering GOsa2 section's entry names be back to en,
to avoid confusion; eg. "Base", "newstudent", etc.
(to make them matched with the screenshots and actual UI)

If you have any idea and/or usage-facts, please tell me.

Thank you for your reading. Have a nice day!


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