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[debian-devel:02398] Forward: Package Category tool demo

こんなのが debian-devel に流れていました。

# でも pkgtool.tar.gz ってどこにあるのかわからない…
# ftp://ftp.debian.org/ にもなかった


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A package category tool gives you a list of broad categories of packages
like "Development" and "Web Server" and asks you to select among them. 
It's meant to keep the naive' user from having to deal with dselect.

I wrote a package category tool demo in about an hour, to demonstrate how
simple it is and to give people an idea of the concept. It works. Something
like this (though not necessarily this implementation) will be in Debian 2.0 .

It's in /debian/debian/project/experimental/pkgtool.tar.gz . You can download
it and try it. Extract the tar file, change directory into pkgtool/, and run
./pkgtool . Check boxes, and it will tell you what dpkg commands it would
execute to select those package categories. It won't actually run them,
because that would mess up your selections.

Categories were generated this way:

dpkg --get-selections>my_backed_up_selections
sed -e 's/	install/	deinstall/' <my_backed_up_selections>clear_all
dpkg --set-selections < clear_all
dselect select
# Select the "Networking" packages here, and resolve their dependencies.
dpkg --get-selections>Networking

Now, if you go "dpkg --set-selections < Networking", it will select that
category. Obviously, you have to make your categories have no conflicting

I figured out how to de-select a category, but the demo won't do that.



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