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[debian-devel:02803] ["Lalo Martins" <lalo@xxxxxxxxxx>] FSU CALL FOR VOTES: what are our goals and course of action?


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It's very unclear where FSU should stand in the "new" Free
Software, or Open Source Software, community. It's been proposed
that we re-evaluate our goals and course of action. Please reply
this message (PLEASE use the reply-to header - the vote must go
to lalo@xxxxxxxx and NOT lalo@xxxxxxxxxx). In your reply, delete
all text, then type the number of the option you chose (and the
short description if you want to be sure).

Please post votes in the time between:
VOTES START: Sunday, February 15, 6:00AM UTC
VOTES END: Friday, February 20, 10:00PM (22:00) UTC

This vote is open for all Free Software (or Open Source) lovers,
not just members of FSU and people subscribed to this list. You
can forward this message to anyone interested in the future of
Open Source Software (BTW please do), just make clear that the
vote must be sent to mailto:lalo@xxxxxxxx

This is a call for votes, not for comments. If you don't agree
100% with any of the options below, vote on the one closest to
your point of view. Please don't send comments with your vote,
they will be ignored.

************* VERY IMPORTANT ************

In every option below except 1, FSU will not "have" projects
anynore. FSU will "host" projects - or better, its SIGs will
host projects. This means the project gets web space
(signame.fslu.org/projectname), one or more mailing lists
(@signame.fslu.org), and anything else we can provide; but most
important of all, the project gets the chance to _COMMUNICATE_
with other projects and with users, since (except per option 1)
FSU's main goal is to be a communication central.

************** The Options **************

1: Just make projects
   FSU will be another project-making entity. We start some
   projects that we think would be useful and just contribute by
   developing them.

2: Start with big projects
   FSU will be "the central discussion point" for the Open Source
   Software and Free Software community. We start pursuing this
   goal by starting some projects; then, when these projects
   start to attract attention, we use them as a tool to show all
   the community how useful this kind of "central point" can be.
   These projects should be ambitious and large, as Ox and the
   Free Software Database, so they would attract a lot of
   attention quickly.

3: Start with small projects
   The same as 2, but don't start any big, ambitious project;
   instead start lots and lots of small projects - small, but
   things that are lacking. When these spread, people will start
   to think "but damn, what the blazes is this FSU that's
   everywhere?" I have a small list of such projects at my site:

4: Start with community-related projects
   Same as 2 and 3, but don't start any _software_ project.
   Instead, start projects meant to benefit the Open Source
   community - like the Free Software Database (would that be
   renamed to Open Source Software Database?), our magazine
   (name in discussion), and so on. And integrate existing
   projects: try to make the Database use a format similar to
   Debian package databases, integrate the Database with the
   Linux Software Map, Linux Project Map, Linux Projects
   Catalogue - lots of duplicated effort - and with our own
   project "Free Software Task List".

5: Start with a call
   FSU will be "the central discussion point" for the Open Source
   Software and Free Software community. We start pursuing this
   goal by advocating it to all organizations and individuals we
   can. Actually, I already gave two steps in this direction by
   sending a CC of this message to Bruce Perens and by opening
   the vote for people who are not officially "members" of FSU.

   One of our members mentioned that people would ask "why the
   FSU". The answer is: "This is the goal of the FSU. If GNU
   would become a central discussion point, this would make they
   waste a lot of time they could be using to write software,
   for example. And FSU is impartial."

   One approach our President proposed is, getting the 15 or so
   ongoing Word Processor, 12 spreadsheet, etc projects together
   and see why do they need to duplicate so much effort. In his
   words, "initiate and hold the discussion" amongst them.

   Our President also has a different wording for this option,
   which I think is worth quoting:

   > Present individuals and different FS groups around the
   > world with the facts about the [desperate] situation in FS.
   > Build the common talk place, the central communication
   > point, and invite the groups and individuals to
   > communicate, contribute, remove confusions and reach
   > conclusions, upon which many millions of most useful and
   > cooperating lines of FS code would be written.

************** End Options **************

Ok, 6 is enought :-) I think if we use the FSU appropriatly in
this critical point we're going trough, it can make a quite
impressing difference towards success.

Being more harsh, I would say something like the FSU is
ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the Open Source community to succeed.
But if FSU fails now, someone else will do it later.

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