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[debian-devel:02856] Unanswered problem reports by maintainer and package


パッケージの Maintainer 欄から取られています。また、パッケージを引き継

実質的にパッケージの保守担当者が同じでも、Maintainer 欄が変更されたバー


 Package     Ref    Subject

takeshi <mtakeshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 xwatch        149  Source unpack (dpkg-source -x) failed

Araki Yasuhiro <yasu@debian.or.jp> (1 bugs):

 xmulti        162  Bad section and Distribution

(Debian Project: Darren Stalder (torin@xxxxxxxx)) (1 bugs):

 perl          117  perl dumps core (Re: [debian-devel:02538] Re: Bug#13: jless

Keisuke WATANABE <keisuke@xxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 keytables-    199  keytables-ja: I can't install kbd package

Keita Maehara <maehara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 manpages-j    133  ls  の日本語のmanを表示しない.
 xemacs20-c    132  /etc/alternatives link

Shuichi OONO <jr5pdx@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 fkiss         173  fkiss doesn't clean up tmp files
 qvwm          125  qvwm 1.0b9c alreadey released

Akira Yoshiyama <yosshy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 dpkg-i18n     189  update-rc.d  が異常終了する
 jvim+onew-    139  jvim on vt100 terminal

Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp> (5 bugs):

 debbugs-jp    128  debbugs-jp messages are in English
 debbugs-jp    193  summary page
 debbugs-jp    208  pa/none.html
 delegate      203  multiple port configuration
 mgp           210  seg. fault if wrong font name

negishi satoshi <onion@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (5 bugs):

 kinput2       145  Source unpack (dpkg-source -x) failed
 kinput2-ca    163  No /usr/doc directory
 kinput2-ca    171  kinput2  が正常に動作しない
 kinput2-wn    157  起動しません
 kinput2-wn    164  No /usr/doc directory

Hayao Nakahara <nakahara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (5 bugs):

 dvi2ps-j      176  dvi2ps wrong man
 lookup        152  lookup install error
 mnews         212  mnews に要望
 xjdic         134  XJDIC  がインストールできない
 xjdic         150  xjdic failed to install

Ishida Takashi <tahsi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (7 bugs):

 tcl76-dev-    135  missing libctl7.6jp.a
 tcl76-dev-    138  wrong path of tcl.h?
 tcl76-dev-    160  no static libs
 tk42-dev-j    136  missing libtk4.2jp.a
 tk42-dev-j    137  missing tk.h
 tk42-dev-j    161  no static libs
 xfig-ja       174  xfig-ja Segmentation fault

Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <kamop@xxxxxxxxx> (8 bugs):

 cf            142  Source unpack (dpkg-source -x) failed
 jbibtex-ba    178  jbibtex  が  jalpha.bst  などを検索しません
 jbibtex-bi    177  jbibtex  が  jalpha.bst  などを検索しません
 ptex-jtex     188  ptex-jtex_1.7-1 : fmt files in wrong place
 tm-mule       147  Source unpack (dpkg-source -x) failed
 xbatstat      168  xbatstatが動かない
 xpbiff        148  Source unpack (dpkg-source -x) failed
 xpbiff        179  Seg.fault by "(I" in xpbiff

Yoshiaki Yanagihara <yochi@xxxxxxxxxxx> (18 bugs):

 canna-serv    169  cannaserver:Initialize failed
 canna-serv    181  A owner of some files in canna-server is root.
 jgroff        183  I cannot build jgroff-0.99 from source
 kterm         158  ktermがopenIMできません
 kterm         166  kterm, Couldn't set locale: ja_JP...
 linuxdoc-s    129  linuxdoc-sgml-ja 1.5.1-4: sgml2html -fat
 man-db-ja     151  segumentation fault if LANG is not set
 man-db-ja     206  man-db-ja can't install
 mh-ja         175  cannot 'show' on mh-ja(hamm)
 mh-ja         197  inc: -ERR Unknown command: "rpop".
 mule-canna    211  mule が menu   非対応
 netscape-j    141  README of netscape-ja
 netscape-j    180  netscape-ja_v404-1.1.deb dose not provide netscape.
 netscape-j    182  user.group is wrong in netscape-ja
 netscape-j    185  netscape-ja  のインストール中に  Broken Pipe
 skk           119  no configuration for SKK-JISYO.L, SKK.tut,
 skk           170  no configuration for SKK-JISYO.L, SKK.tut, ... (skk9.6-6)
 skk-dictoo    130  skk2listなどがない

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