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[debian-devel:04128] Unanswered problem reports by maintainer and package


パッケージの Maintainer 欄から取られています。また、パッケージを引き継

実質的にパッケージの保守担当者が同じでも、Maintainer 欄が変更されたバー


 Package     Ref    Subject

Kaz Sasayama <Kaz.Sasayama@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 ircd-jp       217  ircd-jp: Empty copyright.

Keita Maehara <maehara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 xemacs20-c    132  /etc/alternatives link

ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 xserver-fr    422  it seems to be included /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF98Setup/texts/

(Debian Project: Darren Stalder (torin@xxxxxxxx)) (1 bugs):

 perl          117  perl dumps core (Re: [debian-devel:02538] Re: Bug#13: jless

Hayao Nakahara <nakahara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 jlatex209     313  copyright problem.

Kikutani Makoto <kikutani@xxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 mc-ja         315  copyright problem.

Akira YOSHIYAMA <yosshy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 txt2lips      317  copyright problem.

Ishida Takashi <tahsi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 xfig-ja       174  xfig-ja Segmentation fault

Takuro KITAME <kitame@xxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 xipmsg        397  lintian error

Nakahara Hayao <nakahara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 dvi2ps-j      176  dvi2ps wrong man

Hiroyuki Komatsu <xina@xxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 accelerate    357  litnian error

Hatta Shuzo <hattas@xxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 doc-debian    346  lintian errors
 gs-ja         345  lintian errors

Nakahara Hayao <nakahara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 ng            316  copyright problem.
 zeitfonts     377  lintian error

Keisuke WATANABE <keisuke@xxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 keytables-    199  keytables-ja: I can't install kbd package
 keytables-    228  keytables-ja doesn't configure keys at boot time.

<webadmin@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 www.debian    258  illegal html tag/attribute is used
 www.debian    259  English page

Hatta Shuzo <hattas@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 linuxdoc-s    129  linuxdoc-sgml-ja 1.5.1-4: sgml2html -fat
 linuxdoc-s    216  sgml2latexスクリプトの不具合など

Masahiro TANAKA <tanaka@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 netmaj        265  bug in netmaj
 xjokes2       370  lintian errors

<kamop@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 libjcode-p    328  copyright problem.
 libjcode-p    333  lintian errors

Araki Yasuhiro <yasu@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 xmulti        162  Bad section and Distribution
 xmulti        337  lintian errors

Susumu OSAWA <susumu-o@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 bookview      389  lintian error
 ndtpd         388  lintian errors

Shuichi OONO <jr5pdx@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 fkiss         173  fkiss doesn't clean up tmp files
 qvwm          253  qvwm doesn't support menu

Hiroshi KISE <kise@xxxxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 platex        353  lintian errors
 ptex-jtex     356  litnian errors

Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <kamop@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 xpbiff        298  xpbiff: README.debian is wrong
 xpbiff        338  lintian errors

Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.or.jp> (3 bugs):

 wnn6          324  copyright problem.
 wnn6          358  lintian errors
 xemacs20      359  lintian errors

Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org> (3 bugs):

 manpages-j    133  ls  の日本語のmanを表示しない.
 manpages-j    419  man pages should suggest man-browser, rather than depend on
 xemacs20-m    300  xemacs20-mule-wnn6: post-installation script error

Kikutani Makoto <kikutani@debian.or.jp> (5 bugs):

 jed-ja        233  j_remote_shell_program
 jed-ja        363  lintian errors
 mutt-ja       361  lintian errors
 slang1.2.1    364  lintian errors
 slrn-ja       362  lintian errors

Akira Yoshiyama <yosshy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (5 bugs):

 brltty        335  lintian errors
 dpkg-i18n     189  update-rc.d  が異常終了する
 gtscan        247  gtscanのパスが違います。
 jvim-onew-    261  jvim ignores $HOME/.jvimrc.
 libonew2-c    218  libonew2-canna: postrm is wrong

Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp> (6 bugs):

 debbugs-jp    128  debbugs-jp messages are in English
 debbugs-jp    193  summary page
 fml           289  fml with smail
 fml           344  lintian error
 mgp           210  seg. fault if wrong font name
 sendmail-w    343  lintian errors

TAKAHASHI Katsuyuki <hashi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (6 bugs):

 fdclone       282  fdcloneのfdrcがDebian Policy Manual4.2に従っていない
 fdclone       391  lintian error
 userlink      390  lintain error
 userlink-2    330  lintian error
 userlink-2    331  lintian error
 userlink-s    264  cannot make userlink driver

Takuro KITAME <kitame@debian.or.jp> (7 bugs):

 bitmap-mul    396  lintian errors
 emacs20-dl    296  Emacs20-dl-wnn + skk + mew can't send mail.
 emacs20-dl    394  lintian errors
 ppxp          318  copyright problem.
 select-xfa    395  lintian error
 webmin        392  lintian errors
 x-face-mul    393  lintain error

Yoshiaki Yanagihara <yochi@debian.or.jp> (8 bugs):

 jless         293  not alternate jless manpage to pager.
 nkf           314  copyright problem.
 nkf           399  lintian error
 skk           119  no configuration for SKK-JISYO.L, SKK.tut,
 skk           170  no configuration for SKK-JISYO.L, SKK.tut, ... (skk9.6-6)
 skk-dictoo    130  skk2listなどがない
 skkserv       291  dbdkk & skkserv
 vje-delta     400  lintian error

takeshi <mtakeshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (10 bugs):

 a2ps-ja       412  lintian errors
 ftpmirror     414  lintian errors
 kcc           416  lintian error
 mlvwm         413  lintian errors
 xman-ja       334  lintian errors
 xperfmon      417  lintian error
 xwatch        149  Source unpack (dpkg-source -x) failed
 xwatch        244  xwatch doesn't work
 xwatch        326  copyright problem.
 xwatch        415  lintian errors

Shyouzou Sugitani <shy@master.debian.or.jp> (11 bugs):

 kernel-sou    386  lintian error
 lilo-towns    381  lintian error
 mtools-tow    322  copyright problem.
 nas-towns     379  lintian error
 townsutils    420  Townsutils is always required.
 twsndkit      387  lintian errors
 wavtool       380  lintian error
 xfreshtv      385  lintian error
 xpadtrans     384  lintian error
 xtowns        383  lintian errors
 xtownscd      382  lintian error

Yoshiaki Yanagihara <yochi@xxxxxxxxxxx> (12 bugs):

 libcanna1     312  copyright problem.
 libcanna1-    302  copyright problem.
 mule          403  lintian errors
 mule-canna    211  mule が menu   非対応
 netscape-j    141  README of netscape-ja
 netscape-j    180  netscape-ja_v404-1.1.deb dose not provide netscape.
 netscape-j    182  user.group is wrong in netscape-ja
 netscape-j    185  netscape-ja  のインストール中に  Broken Pipe
 netscape-j    254  netscape-ja should depend xpm.
 netscape-j    323  copyright problem.
 netscape-j    402  lintian errors
 xmarufont     401  lintian error

Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <kamop@xxxxxxxxx> (14 bugs):

 a12k12        341  lintian error
 cf            142  Source unpack (dpkg-source -x) failed
 cf            268  cf: New upstream version is available.
 cf            272  cf does not contain no binary, should be architecture: all
 cf            339  lintian errors
 dvipsk-ja-    274  wrong architecture?
 fvwm2-ja      340  lintian errors
 ish           342  lintian errors
 jcodepl       275  wrong architecture
 tm-mule       147  Source unpack (dpkg-source -x) failed
 weblint97     280  wrong architecture
 xbatstat      168  xbatstatが動かない
 xbatstat      222  xbatstat doesn't work
 yatex         281  wrong architecture

Hayao Nakahara <nakahara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (18 bugs):

 dbskkd        242  dbskkd: postinst can't find SKK-JISYO.L
 dvi2dvi       320  copyright problem.
 efax-ja       349  litnian errors
 jtex-bin      295  can't setup jtex-bin
 latex209      376  lintian errors
 lookup        152  lookup install error
 lookup        348  lintian errors
 mnews         212  mnews に要望
 nemacs-el     271  unnecessary dependency to libc5
 vflib         292  vflib: depends on itself
 vflib         350  lintian errors
 vftool        310  copyright problem.
 volume        319  copyright problem.
 xdvik-ja      262  xdvik-ja doesn't work
 xdvik-ja      297  trying to divert file /usr/man/man1/xdvi.1.gz
 xdvik-ja      351  lintian errors
 xjdic         134  XJDIC  がインストールできない
 xjdic         150  xjdic failed to install

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