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[debian-devel:09225] Fw: [Debian Weekly News] Debian JP News 1999/5/18 - 1999/5/24


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ではでは。 ---- Yours, K.S.Yoshio
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Good evening, Joey.

This is the recent news [5/18/1999 - 5/24/1999] from Debian JP

* The Debian JP policy discussion [Update]
We decide NOT to release potato-jp.  We had released JP add-on
packages two times and from that experience, it turned out not
cost-effective.  From now on, we will argue how we can merge our
packages and how we can contribute to Debian.

* How to become maintainer [Update]
Thanks a lot for the effort of new-maintainer@debian.org, we Debian JP
project could have 3 or 4 more people @debian.org.

* Proposal for i18n Description framework [Update]
Gradually, Mitsuru Oka's proposal is growing.
(Text is in Japanese, but the title and field name is in English so a
little bit readable.  This proposal takes consider in the alignment with
config.db by wichert)

Reference emails

Best Regards,  K.S.Yoshio
Key fingerprint = 3C 3C 1C E6 B1 65 53 58  A3 B3 6A ED BA E4 54 52

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