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[debian-devel:09233] Unanswered problem reports by maintainer and package


パッケージの Maintainer 欄から取られています。また、パッケージを引き継

実質的にパッケージの保守担当者が同じでも、Maintainer 欄が変更されたバー


 Package     Ref    Subject

(unknown) (1 bugs):

 cdimage.de    892  Invalid hyper links in http://cdimage.debian.or.jp/

Kaz Sasayama <Kaz.Sasayama@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 ircd-jp       217  ircd-jp: Empty copyright.

(Debian Project: Christoph Martin (christoph.martin@xxxxxxxxxxxx)) (1 bugs):

 tetex-bin     868  tetex-bin, failed at install

Hidenobu Nabetani <nabetani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 afterstep-    886  don't use /usr/X11R6/bin for /etc/X11/window-manager

(Debian Project: Darren Stalder (torin@xxxxxxxx)) (1 bugs):

 perl          117  perl dumps core (Re: [debian-devel:02538] Re: Bug#13: jless

<owner@bugs.debian.or.jp> (1 bugs):

 bugs.debia    770  BTS lost last line in bug report mail

TAJIRI Yasuhiro <tajiri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 bmp2pms       907  no upstream source URL in copyright

(Debian Project: karlheg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Karl M. Hegbloom)) (1 bugs):

 cgiwrap       536  cgiwrap: I can't build package on Sparc

Ishida Takashi <tahsi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 xfig-ja       174  xfig-ja Segmentation fault

<kamop@debian.or.jp> (1 bugs):

 libjcode-p    333  lintian errors

UEYAMA Rui <rui@debian.or.jp> (1 bugs):

 timidity++    793  timidity++ is wanted in Debian Project

UNO Takeshi <uno@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 netscape-b    902  assertion error in libnsfix-ja.so

Akira Yoshiyama <yosshy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1 bugs):

 libonew2-c    218  libonew2-canna: postrm is wrong

<admin@debian.or.jp> (1 bugs):

 master.deb    591  source of wmaker is old

Atsushi Kamoshida <kamop@debian.or.jp> (1 bugs):

 jweblint      869  jweblint recommends libjcode-perl

Masahumi Okada <okada@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 dyna2         883  dyna2: dyna2 has x86 specific compile options.
 dyna2         884  -486 option for Dyna2

Keisuke WATANABE <keisuke@xxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 keytables-    199  keytables-ja: I can't install kbd package
 keytables-    228  keytables-ja doesn't configure keys at boot time.

Akira Yoshiyama <yosshy@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 grub98        563  grub98 : non-existent file path specified.
 grub98        896  grub98 Install error

Akira YOSHIYAMA <yosshy@debian.or.jp> (2 bugs):

 extipl        849  extipl: wrong architecture
 wcsmbs-loc    558  wcsmbs-locale recommends an obsolete package

Yoshiaki Yanagihara <yochi@xxxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 mule          403  lintian errors
 mule-canna    211  mule が menu   非対応

Tomohisa Miyaji <jing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (2 bugs):

 x11amp-ja     911  x11amp-ja: x11amp does not appear to have the esound output
 x11amp-ja     912  x11amp-ja: Gdk-WARNING **: Missing charsets in FontSet crea

Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <kamop@xxxxxxxxx> (3 bugs):

 ish           342  lintian errors
 xbatstat      168  xbatstatが動かない
 xbatstat      222  xbatstat doesn't work

Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (3 bugs):

 gs-aladdin    783  gs-aladin-vflib で -q  が 一部無効
 gs-aladdin    784  gs-aladin-vflib で -q  が 一部無効(再送)
 gs-aladdin    785  gs と conflict  しない gs-ja(要望)

takeshi <mtakeshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (3 bugs):

 xman-ja       334  lintian errors
 xperfmon      417  lintian error
 xperfmon      454  xperfmon depend on xlib6

negishi satoshi <naganegi@debian.or.jp> (3 bugs):

 jnethack      909  jnethack depend on xbase-clients ?
 kinput2-ca    804  kinput2-canna not contain executable(SPARC)
 tgif-ja       844  Unable to printout on XEROX Laser Press 4300 from tgif

Takao KAWAMURA <kawamura@debian.or.jp> (3 bugs):

 skk           910  skk: does not for emacsen-common ?
 skk-dictoo    130  skk2listなどがない
 skkserv       876  appending unnecessary port entry

Shuichi OONO <jr5pdx@debian.or.jp> (3 bugs):

 xmascot       864  xmascot: xmascot dies when I clicked the right button
 xmulti        865  xmulti: xmulti doesn't work
 xmulti        891  can't build xmulti on potato

Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <kamop@debian.or.jp> (3 bugs):

 a12k12        341  lintian error
 a12k12        790  te-hen in k12
 fvwm2-ja      519  fvwm2-ja: Can't compile at Alpha architecture

Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org> (3 bugs):

 manpages-j    133  ls  の日本語のmanを表示しない.
 manpages-j    775  manpages-ja: out-of-date
 manpages-j    822  manpages-ja: error in mount(8)

ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxxx> (4 bugs):

 pd-ttfonts    843  pdnetscape font causes segmentation fault
 xf86setup-    885  xf86setup-ja, only depends on tcl7.6-ja&tk4.2-ja?
 xmanpages-    893  Manpages have mail header
 xmanpages-    908  X.1x has unnecessally newline

Masahiro TANAKA <tanaka@debian.or.jp> (4 bugs):

 netmaj        265  bug in netmaj
 netmaj        470  netmaj_2.0.7-4 can't build
 netmaj-xui    471  netmaj-xui_2.0.7-4 can't build
 xjokes2       370  lintian errors

Araki Yasuhiro <yasu@debian.or.jp> (4 bugs):

 irchat-jp     913  irchat-jp overwrites /usr/bin/dcc and /usr/man/man1/dcc.1.g
 libjcode1-    903  libjcode1-dev: libjcode1's files are included
 skkinput      841  skkinput sigsegvs langdrill
 skkinput      872  netscape & skkinput problem

<webadmin@debian.or.jp> (5 bugs):

 www.debian    258  illegal html tag/attribute is used
 www.debian    259  English page
 www.debian    736  www.debian.or.jp: link error in http://www.debian.or.jp/Bug
 www.debian    745  www.debian.or.jp: unzari saseru message
 www.debian    829  wrong links in JDDP page

Hayao Nakahara <nakahara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (5 bugs):

 dvi2ps-j      851  dvi2ps-j: texmf location
 jtex-base     847  jtex-base: texmf location
 jtex-bin      897  jtex-bin: cannot fine jlatex.fmt
 nemacs-el     271  unnecessary dependency to libc5
 xdvik-ja      855  xdvik-ja: Please make package from new upstream version

Hatta Shuzo <hattas@debian.or.jp> (6 bugs):

 doc-debian    346  lintian errors
 doc-debian    569  doc-debian-ja: too old documents about debian-jp mailling l
 gs-ja         345  lintian errors
 gs-ja         899  gs-ja isn't compiled with the pnmraw device
 gs-ja         906  gs-ja bj600 draft mode
 linuxdoc-s    791  Not Suggests jgawk

Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp> (7 bugs):

 debbugs-jp    128  debbugs-jp messages are in English
 debbugs-jp    193  summary page
 debbugs-jp    717  new severity: important, fixed
 debbugs-jp    787  multipart mail
 fml           289  fml with smail
 fml           786  fml: makefml: cannot mkdir </var/spool/ml/etc/crontab>: Per
 sendmail-w    343  lintian errors

Takuro KITAME <kitame@debian.or.jp> (9 bugs):

 bitmap-mul    900  depends on xfonts-base
 namazu        743  namazu: bnamazu dose not work.
 namazu        880  bnamazu in potato
 ppxp          831  ppxp-99030108 already released
 ppxp          842  mistake in changelog.Debian
 tknamazu      835  tknamazu: Pathnames are wrong
 tknamazu      836  tknamazu: tknamazu should depend on lynx-ja, info, jgroff
 webmin        392  lintian errors
 webmin        670  [QA lintian] webmin_0.22-1

Yoshiaki Yanagihara <yochi@debian.or.jp> (10 bugs):

 bug-ja        722  bug-ja: japanese message catalog is available
 bug-ja        777  typo in bug(1)
 canna         707  can't mount iroha dic.
 kon2          741  kon2 related bugs
 man-db-ja     856  man-db-ja: man command error with -c option
 man-db-ja     857  man-db-ja: catman is not store on /var/catman/
 man-db-ja     859  Japanese manpages from Debian cannot be read without man-db
 man-db-ja     870  man-db-ja: disappear /var/catman by upgrading from man-db
 mew           840  mew doesn't handle correctly the pgp
 mew           904  mew.jisx.info wasn't removed in postrm porocess

Shyouzou Sugitani <shy@master.debian.or.jp> (11 bugs):

 kernel-sou    386  lintian error
 lilo-towns    381  lintian error
 mtools-tow    322  copyright problem.
 nas-towns     379  lintian error
 townsutils    747  townsutils: package-installs-into-etc-rc.boot etc/rc.boot/0
 twsndkit      387  lintian errors
 wavtool       380  lintian error
 xfreshtv      385  lintian error
 xpadtrans     384  lintian error
 xtowns        383  lintian errors
 xtownscd      382  lintian error

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