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[debian-devel:09498] ITP: elisp-info-el

Emacs Lisp info から素早く関数/変数を「日本語で」調べる elisp
elisp-info.el を upload します。GPL です。

elisp-manual-ja と共に動作します。
Recommends: elisp-info-el

Source: elisp-info-el
Section: doc
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Takashi Nishimoto <g96p0935@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Standards-Version: 2.5.0

Package: elisp-info-el
Architecture: all
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}
Depends: elisp-manual | elisp-manual-ja
Description: Search Emacs Lisp functions/variables from info
 This program provides an alternative to describe-function/describe-variable
 in Emacs. Unlike them this program searches from info file, so you can
 check related topic. If the function/variable you check is not found,
 it is applied by describe-function/describe-variable.
 The keybind is same as describe-function/describe-variable.
 It means you do not have to be conscious of this program.
 In addition, you can read *Japanese* explanation and usually do not have to
 read English explanation in combination with elisp-manual-ja.
 It is VERY HAPPY for Japanese.

Takashi Nishimoto: g96p0935@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I love Emacs, zsh, and Linux!!
See ftp://ftp.misao.gr.jp/pub/tak/README
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