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[debian-devel:09522] Fw: [Debian Weekly News] Debian JP News 1999/6/8 - 1999/6/14


Debian Weekly News への投稿原稿っす。

今週は News が多すぎて必ずなんか見落してると思うので、お気付きのかたは


ではでは。 ---- Yours, K.S.Yoshio
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Good evening, Joey.

This is the recent news [6/8/1999 - 6/14/1999] from Debian JP

* Debian JP merge project (debian-devel)
Maehara-san creates the script to gather the "What are you using
packages in Debian JP" information. This is announced at debian-users (JP)
and the results are on http://www.debian.or.jp/~maehara/popcon/


* www.debian.or.jp reconstructuring. (debian-www)
How can we manager our work more effectively?  For present, the
framework to manage document is not function smoothly.  We have to
maintain documentation as fresh as possible.  

* bash bug report (debian-devel)
Taketoshi Sano reported the bug of bash as release critical bug.  It
will be reported on BTS.  The phenomena is that:  To set
LANG=ja_JP.ujis and unset LC_ALL causes [A-Z]* matches all small
letters.  LANG=C and unset LC_ALL has no problem.

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out by URL.>

* The election on Debian JP steering team had started.
We will choose 4 steering team member out of 5 candidates.  The
election periods: 6/10 - 6/17.

* The release message amendment.
The last [Debian JP packages quits and will merge to Debian] announce
to Japan people reflects quite negative impression upon Debian JP
project in Japan such as "No more Debian JP packages? JP localized
quits?"  We are now discussing the amendment of the release message.

* glibc2 hacking 
Akira Yoshiyama expressed he will concentrate upon glibc2.1 hacking.  It
will enhance the total Linux i18n framework!

* Debian JP developers awaiting registration to Debian Project
15 member registered.
9 people are waiting to be added.

< All no pointed out news but "bash bug" is from debian-www and
debian-private and no archival is available on web.  Sorry for your

Regards,  K.S.Yoshio
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