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[debian-devel:09717] Sorry (Re: Please let me use your new license for vim 3.0)

In article <19990623101356G.xlj06203@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 I wrote:

>  Hi, I am a member of Debian Project, and also a member of
>  Debian JP Project (users & developers for Debian in Japan)
>  I recently wish to register the package to Debian
>  which is based on vim-3.0 and Japanese patch for it.
>  I wish to register my 'jvim' package into main distribution of Debian,
>  so, would you please apply the new license to vim-3.0 as well as vim-5.3 ?

I had not noticed about debian-email list. Excuse me.
I will use that list for Debian related correspondence hereafter.

# Thanks to advise from our mentors :)

  Taketoshi Sano: <kgh12351@xxxxxxxxxxx>, <sano@debian.org>