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[debian-devel:09682] Please let me use your new license for vim 3.0

 Hi, I am a member of Debian Project, and also a member of
 Debian JP Project (users & developers for Debian in Japan)
 I recently wish to register the package to Debian
 which is based on vim-3.0 and Japanese patch for it.

 This patch enables the input Japanese text on 'kon', kanji console
 on Linux using canna-server directly (without "onew" librar).

 "canna-server" is an translation server (Kanji Input Front End Processor,
  FEP in short) for alphabet (roma-ji) -> Japanese (Hiragana,Katakana,Kanji).

# Japanese patch for vim-3.0 can be downloaded from
#  <http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA003457/vim/vim3/1.5b/jvim.1.5b.tar.gz>
# (290598bytes)
# and I downloaded your original vim-3.0 from
# <http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA003457/vim/vim3/orig/vim-3.0.tar.gz>
# (468153bytes)
 But the Debian package maintainer of vim-5.3 pointed out that 
 the original license of vim 3.0 is not fully compliant to DFSG
 (Debian Free Software Guidelines). and the new license for vim-5.3 
 is full compliant (Thanks).
 I wish to register my 'jvim' package into main distribution of Debian,
 so, would you please apply the new license to vim-3.0 as well as vim-5.3 ?
 Japanese patch is currently provided only for 3.0, and patch for 5.1
 is now under development. I wish to add 'jvim' package into Debian's 
 coming 'potato' release, so please let me use the new license for vim-3.0.
 I myself is not the author of that Japanese patch, so I have not understand 
 the patch in detail yet. but the Debian package maintainer of vim told me 
 that you and the people in vim-dev are very helpful, so I think about doing 
 the effort to merge the Japanese support into original vim-5.4 (or 5.5 ?). 

 Another member in Debian JP project, who just now prepares the new server
 for vim-jp ML, will do the effort to merge jvim into vim, I think. 
 vim-jp ML is the working place where the Japanese patch of vim will be 
 developped. The current maintainer of Japanese patch is Ken-ichi Tsuchida, 

 Oh, I check now <http://www.vim.org/dist.html#japanese>. You have already
 known the existence of jvim patch.

 The note on <http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA003457/vim/vim3/vim.html>

   JVim-3.0-1.5b added following features on vim-3.0

    1. support for Japanese (SJIS/JIS/EUC/Unicode)
    2. add Kei-sen mode # I don't know this exactly.
    3. add IME (Input Method E...) control # I don't know what E means
    4. support for WIndows GUI # I don't know these exactly, excuse me.
        - add scroll bar
        - add range specification with mouse
        - add pop-up menu
        - add cursor movement using mouse
        - add clipboard interface
        - enable the change of size and colors of fonts
        - support Drag & Drop
        - support Clickable URL
        - support "-nw" option, which enables the console mode startup
          as same as previous version
        - support for BDF font
        - add the multi-GUI definition feature
    5. support for BSD on Windows (BOW)
    6. support the Japanese Input System canna/Onew on UNIX
    7. add kin-soku feature (enhancement on text formatting) 
    8. enable to edit the archived (LHA/tar/gzip/compress) file
    9. enable to edit via ftp
   10. add a-i-ma-i (fuzzy) searching feature # I don't know what is this.

   There is also the patch to support the SKK (another roma-ji -> Japanese
   translation method) in <ftp://ftp.tohoku.ac.jp/pub/kanakan/jvim+skkfep/>

 I check now <http://www.vim.org/deve.html#general>, and vim-5.4 already
 support X: input method for multi-byte characters, Hangul (Korean) Input
 Mode, and documentation. I will try whether I can input Japanese character
 using vim-5.4 on X with skkinput (a kanji input method on X).
  Taketoshi Sano: <sano@debian.org>