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[debian-devel:11663] Re: ITP: whatsnew


Description を読む限りでは「Section: web」な気がします。

take@debian.or.jp (Yasuhiro TAKE) writes:

> WhatsNew をパッケージングします。
>  Package: whatsnew
>  Version: 0.9.7-1
>  Section: misc
>  Priority: optional
>  Architecture: all
>  Depends: perl5, diff (>= 2.7), fileutils
>  Installed-Size: 25
>  Maintainer: Yasuhiro Take <take@debian.or.jp>
>  Description: Add what's new to a web site.
>   WhatsNew is a small perl script that lets visitors of a web site easily
>   find out where is/are updated on the web site. Every updated part is
>   colored, and indexed on the top of updated pages.
>   .

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