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[debian-devel:11719] Re: Debian for the developing world: help with human languages


 debian-devel と debian-project に流れてたメール。

# debian-japanese いや debian-i18n に振るべきだったかもしれない。

In article <86hff0xv3q.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
  at 23 Feb 2000 01:59:21 -0500,
    on Debian for the developing world: help making CD's,
 David Coe <david.coe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>   [I've agreed to help Bob Chassell of FSF run a workshop on "Freely
>   Redistributable, Open Source Software"
>   (http://www.globalknowledge.org.my/gkii_workshop_mimos.htm) at the
>   "Global Knowledge II" conference, March 7-10, in Kuala Lumpur.

# クアラルンプールはマレーシアですね。

>   This conference, sponsored by the Global Knowledge Partnership
>   (http://www.globalknowledge.org/), is where "people, representing
>   the public and private sectors will meet to hammer out strategies
>   that will put information and knowledge in the hands of developing
>   countries and the world's poor."
>   Bob Chassell is an FSF Founder, Debian user and fan, and we will
>   present Debian as the largest, freest, and most reliable GNU/Linux
>   distribution.]
> mimos.my, an "R&D Malaysian Government Corporation" and sponsor of the
> workshop, would like to burn and distribute free CDs containing Debian
> stable (or frozen) -- probably including non-US and excluding
> non-free.  I've never helped anyone construct and test a CD set -- got
> any advice beyond what's on our web site?  (Joeyh told me "you have
> to fight with the debian-cd package until it works" -- anyone have
> experience or advice to pass on?)

# 誰かアドバイスしてあげられる人はいますか ?

> Also, if VA (or someone else) can contribue Slink-and-a-half CDs or
> CDs and books like we handed out at LWE, we'd love to distribute those
> too.
> Thanks for whatever help or advice you can provide.

In article <86d7poxur3.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
  at 23 Feb 2000 02:06:56 -0500,
    on Debian for the developing world: help with human languages,
 David Coe <david.coe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

(最初の部分は 1 通目と同じなのでパス)

> Debian has excellent support for languages, I've heard, but I have no
> personal experience there.  Since this audience will be global and
> diverse (fortunately for me the conference is held in English),
> I suspect they'd like to hear about that.  Can anyone offer me some
> pointers, for users and/or developers?
> Thanks.

こっちは debian-i18n に振るのが良さそうですね。

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