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[debian-devel:11717] Re: kterm turns kanji to ascii when I press return.

Hi. I found this from "buggy packages" page on qa.debian.org

 # kterm has score 29 by this one bug

Anyway, the report said:

  | Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 11:19:47 -0800 (PST)
  | From: Benjamin Redelings I <bredelin@xxxxxxxx>
  | Package: kterm
  | Version: 6.2.0-8
  | By default, both "Japanese EUC mode" and "Shift-JIS mode" are turned
  | off.  kinput2, canna, and wwn appear to work correctly with the default
  | settings.  However, after I have typed a line, (for example: echo
  | "<WATASHI>.", where the <WATASHI> is kanji) then when I press return,
  | strange things happen.  Firstly, the line itself changes from kanji to
  | ascii characters (specifically: B;d!#B).  Secondly, bash types
  | echo "B;d$Oecho "B;d$OB"
  | and it then asks for further input because the quotes do not match.

I don't check the second problem ("bash types the string twice and asks
for further input") but checked the first problem happens when $HOME/.Xresources
does not set "KTerm*kanjiMode: euc" (this enables "-km euc" as the default)

I don't know why this setting is enbled by default resource,
 /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-default/KTerm. This file has the entry

!*VT100*kanjiMode:              jis

as the (commented out) default setting. It may be the upstream's
default, but since this package is used in Debian, I think 
the default setting should be changed for better use with
the related packages in Debian.

The de facto standard locale for Japanese language on Debian
is ja_JP.ujis (or ja_JP.eucJP for woody), so we should have

*VT100*kanjiMode:              euc

here, for the better coordination with the kinput2/skkinput or else.

  | Also, if I try to type some kanji and some ASCII on the same line, the
  | kanji changes to ascii junk when I change to ASCII-entry mode with
  | kinput2. All of these problems go away if I turn on SJIS mode or EUC mode
  | in kterm. Is it necessary to turn one of these modes on by default?  If
  | so, then perhaps the kterm installation should set the mode in the
  | .Xdefault file (or some other file?) when it is installed.
  | OK, thats all.  Thank you very much for all the good Japanese packages and
  | cwnn and kwnn :)

Are there any harmful effect with having this "*VT100*kanjiMode: euc"
in the default resource file for kterm ? Any comment ?

  Taketoshi Sano: <sano@debian.org>,<sano@debian.or.jp>,<kgh12351@xxxxxxxxxxx>