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[debian-devel:11781] Re: [vga16fb] `dbootstrap' starts b&w until vt change.


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In article <87ya85xc3h.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
  at 28 Feb 2000 13:15:46 -0800,
   on Re: [vga16fb] `dbootstrap' starts b&w until vt change.,
 karlheg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Karl M. Hegbloom) さん writes:

> >>>>> "Ben" == Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@xxxxxxx> writes:
>     Ben> karlheg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Karl M. Hegbloom) writes:
>     >> I'm working with the Debian boot-floppies team.  We've got a kernel
>     >> (the compact image) compiled with vga16fb, and it shows the Penguin
>     >> logo when it boots.  After booting, `dboostrap', a newt/slang UI
>     >> application, is started by our `init', on vt1.  Normally, it is white
>     >> and red on IBM blue, but with the vga16fb, it's black and white,
>     >> until using A-F2, A-F1 to switch to vt2 and back.  Then it's full
>     >> color again.
>     Ben> Yes, that's because the penguin logo requires most of the
>     Ben> 16-color palette, and the palette doesn't get reset to the usual
>     Ben> one until a VT switch occurs.  You can fix this, IIRC, by having
>     Ben> dbootstrap force a VT switch or by having it set the palette
>     Ben> itself.
>  I fixed it by having `busybox' (which acts as `init' via a hard link)
>  do a vt switch as you suggest, when it finds out whether it's running
>  on a machine with a standard Linux console or a serial console.  If
>  it's not a serial console, it does the vt switch.
>  Where would be the best place in our standard boot sequence to do the
>  similar?  Should there be an rcS.d script, or should `init' be
>  patched?  I tend to think that an rcS.d script would be simplest and
>  best, because `init' can be restarted without rebooting the machine.
>  It would need to be made to only do the palette set once at boot, and
>  not again at restart.  The rcS.d script is the cheapest solution and
>  ought to suffice.  Maybe someone can make an ncurses or slang gui
>  thing for folks to customize their vga16 palette with.
>     Ben> If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact
>     Ben> me.
>  Thank you.
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