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[debian-devel:12197] Re: i18n'd boot-floppies ?

On Sun, Apr 30, 2000 at 08:10:29AM +0900, Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> I think that the font file size is very big problem for us, as one of
> users who deadly needs the CJK support.
But you do not need complete fonts at installation time, I believe. :)  So
there should be something like `font reduction'.

> What is needed to run dbootstrap under bterm ?
A font, a special library (libutf8 hack; this supports three or four functions:
wcwidth, mbtowc, wctomb), and a kernel w/ fb support.

> How bterm is different from normal console ?
Normal console does not support more than 512 characters in a font, and, what
is very important for CJK people, it does not support two-cells-wide characters
(at least, in 2.2.* kernels).

re kon and jfbterm packages.  I believe they have better support for CJK.
bterm current lack input methods at all.  But, I believe, it's more general wrt

> Please tell us the status and the procedures to build your language-chooser
> version of boot-floppies. I hope that someone in JP project can work on this.
Well, there was a message from Edmundo Evans some time (with subject "bterm" or
"BOGL term"), where he described how to use bterm (which is in utilities/bogl
subdirectory).  I tried my best to make the language chooser available if you
specify USE_LANGUAGE_CHOOSER=true in config file.  But!  All my tests were done
on my working computer, which means that messages from (utilities/dbootstrap/po)
directory are to be installed into /etc directory (to simplify the task, I added
install-utf target to Makefile in utilities/dbootstrap/po directory).

> # Note the cc; field on this letter.
I hope you mean `debian-devel@xxxxx'...