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[debian-devel:12928] Re: Uploaded jless 358-iso242-1 (source i386) to master


In <E13eAYA-00038q-00@woody>,  on "27 Sep 00 06:18:38 GMT',
   with "Uploaded jless 358-iso242-1 (source i386) to master",
 yochi@woody (, Yoshiaki Yanagihara) さん wrote:

>    * I think that jless package should be integrated with less package.
>      As the first step for this purpose, I changed the program name
>      from "less" to "jless" and jless package don't conflict less package.
>      Therefore you can install the less and jless package at the same
>      time (closes: Bug#64494).
>  .
>      NOTICE:
>      Not compatibility.  You must input "jless" instead of "less" when you
>      execute less command.

これって man-db に影響ありませんか ? まあ -P jless を使えばいいのかな。