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[debian-devel:14235] Forward: Request for jgroff help

誰かすぐに groff 1.7むけのpatchつくれますか?


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I'm about to adopt the groff package - I already maintain man-db - and
I'm having problems with the jgroff patch applied by Fabrizio. groff has
a new upstream version (1.17), which I want to package; however, the
Japanese patch doesn't apply cleanly to it (there are a large number of
places where code was simply duplicated in a #ifdef NIPPON section, and
the code that was duplicated has since changed), and I don't yet know
the internals of groff well enough to fix it, nor can I read Japanese to
test the results if I do manage to hack something up. So I think I'm
going to need some help.

Having cleaned up most of the patch conflicts, the result doesn't
compile. For example:

env.cc: In method `void environment::add_char(charinfo *)':
env.cc:305: no matching function for call to
`word_space_node::word_space_node (units)'
node.h:201: candidates are: word_space_node::word_space_node(hunits,
int, width_list *, int, node * = 0)
node.h:203:                 word_space_node::word_space_node(hunits,
width_list *, node * = 0)
node.h:214:                 word_space_node::word_space_node(const
word_space_node &)

I guess there are people here who know the jgroff patch a lot better
than I do. Is there any chance that some of the people who worked on it
originally could prepare a patch against the 1.17 source code
(ftp://ftp.ffii.org/pub/groff/groff-1.17.tar.gz) and send it to me or to
the BTS? I apologize for this being somewhat short notice. If it's
already been done and is available elsewhere, a pointer would be greatly

I'd like to upload a new version of groff in the next week or two, and I
realize that it may not be possible to have a Japanized version
available by then. What would you suggest I do in the meantime? I could:

  * expect people who need Japanese support to put groff on hold (not
  * ask for a jgroff package to be temporarily reintroduced;

  * carry on with 1.16 until a patch against 1.17 is available (also not
    ideal, but could be workable if it would be ready some time before
    the woody base system is frozen;

  * something else?

If the patch could be made clean enough that upstream would be willing
to accept it rather than leave it in my inexpert hands, that would be
even better. :)

Thanks in advance,

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

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