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[debian-devel:14738] Re: ITP nomail

佐野@浜松です。これも 1 ヶ月前の話題かぁ。

In <20011112011549L.ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
  on "Mon, 12 Nov 2001 01:16:03 +0900',
   with "[debian-devel:14685] Re: ITP nomail",
 ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxxx> さん wrote:

> >>>>> In [debian-devel : No.14684] 
> >>>>>	YasuoEto <yeru@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> えとーと申します。


> >> nomailをアップロードしようと思います。

自分では触ったこと無いですが、linux-users あたりで

> >>  Conflicts: mail-transport-agent
> >>  Replaces: mail-transport-agent
>  この依存関係の理由は?

 Description: offline SMTP server
  1. local mail delivery.
  2. Can use SMTP protocol.
  3. Mail send with delete "Message-Id:" header to internet.
  4. and "From" header Replase.
  5. Can use aliases.
  6. Very Easy setup!!!
  7. but can't send news.

ということなので、例えば exim とか postfix とか sendmail とか
その他の SMTP サーバーになる MTA と同じように使える、

Provides: mail-transport-agent

も必要なんじゃないでしょうか ?

  違うかもしれませんが。exim や postfix などはそういう
  依存関係が設定されてますね。sendmail-wide には無いみたい。)

Debian Policy Manual version, 2001-07-24 には

7.5.2. Replacing whole packages, forcing their removal

     Secondly, `Replaces' allows the packaging system to resolve which
     package should be removed when there is a conflict - see Section 7.3,
     `Conflicting binary packages - `Conflicts''.  This usage only takes
     effect when the two packages _do_ conflict, so that the two usages of
     this field do not interfere with each other.

     In this situation, the package declared as being replaced can be a
     virtual package, so for example, all mail transport agents (MTAs)
     would have the following fields in their control files:
          Provides: mail-transport-agent
          Conflicts: mail-transport-agent
          Replaces: mail-transport-agent


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