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[debian-devel:17611] Re: Ruby 1.9.1 package release plan


A couple of comments.

akira yamada wrote:
> I and Daigo-san had a meeting with some Japanese Debian users at 2009-07-05.
> We discussed about new Ruby policy and other ruby1.9 issues on Debian.
> (We plans to translate the summary of the meeting to English in near future.)

The purpose of the meeting was that we had a chance to hear about possible
complaints and good ideas that users might have, of course not to ask for a
super visor of the package management.

> We (the attenders of the meeting) think that
> we should discuss new policy plan (and ruby-support issue)
> separately from "new ruby1.9 package into sid".
> Many people on sid are waiting for ruby1.9_1.9.1.x  :-)
> And new useful support system can come later.
> So maintainers have plans about "ruby1.9 into sid".

This proposal is a tentative and one-shot approach just for Ruby 1.9.1, not for
Ruby 1.9.z all the way long in the future. We can and should continuously
discuss and develop the new Debian Ruby policy and tools such as ruby-support.
It will take time for them to be matured. Fortunately, the coming Ruby 1.9.2
will install into /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1. Ruby 1.9.3 may or may not be compatible
with 1.9.1. We will have to be prepared by the Ruby 1.9.3 release.


Daigo Moriwaki
beatles at sgtpepper dot net