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[debian-devel:17613] Re: Ruby 1.9.1 package release plan

>> But I intended to say that
>> alternatives is not fit for that usage.
>> If we proved ruby1.9.x packages and
>> we use alternatives for all ruby1.9.x,
>> we should check many packages.
> That could be a useful goal for squeeze.

squeeze includes only one Ruby 1.9 package.
alternatives is not needed.

My opinion:
 * package name of Ruby 1.9.1 shoud be "ruby1.9"
   (many ruby1.9.x packages and many /usr/bin/ruby1.9.x
   introduce unnecessary complexty.)
 * we should not use alternatives for /usr/bin/ruby1.*
   (we should have "standard ruby" or "standard ruby1.9".)