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Re: [Debian JP Weekly Draft1] Debian JP News 1999/8/17 - 1999/8/30

# こまかいところばかりですが。
# 念のため。
# mult-byte character を使うのは "あり" なんですか?

# もっと細かいはなしですが、
# 基本的に ピリオドのあとは スペース二つです。 html だと関係ないのかもしれませんが。

From: shishamo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Debian JP Weekly Draft1] Debian JP News 1999/8/17 -
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 13:16:13 +0900
Message-ID: <19990830131521M.yoshio@xxxxxx>

shishamo>      □ We need to discuss about the feasibility of the each language localized
                             discuss  the feasibility ...
shishamo>         bootable official CD image for potato release. Someone might join

shishamo>      □ Some funny talk about the web published source. http://www.ascii.co.jp/
shishamo>         ascii24/call.cgi?file=issue/1999/0817/topi02.html reported Wichert Akkerman
                                                      reportd.  In the report Wichert Akkerman
shishamo>         said he didn't know whether there is Japanese member in Debian or not. Of
                  said to the reporter : "I didn't know..." (かな?)
shishamo>         course, At least 10 Debian JP member is now in Debian and awaiting for the
	                  at least 10 Debian JP members are now in
                          Debian, and another 10 people are waiting
			  for the register ... (かな?)
shishamo>         register another 10. Some opinions about this:
shishamo>          ☆ Wichert tease the ASCII reporter.
			Wichert teased the ...
shishamo>          ☆ Wichert really don't know if the JP member is there or not.
	                Wichert really didn't know ...
shishamo>          ☆ Does it mean JP release is evil one?

shishamo>         http://www.debian.or.jp/Lists-Archives/debian-devel/199908/msg00115.html
shishamo>  ・ [debian-users:17525] [ANN] project silicon linux
shishamo>      □ Yutarou Ebihara announced the RT-Linux based embedded ROM Linux development
                                                RT-Linux which is embedded ... (かな?)
shishamo>         project. It employs the Debian to develop the root image. The prototype of
shishamo>         the hardware is available from the below (Japanese Only).
shishamo>         http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~linux/n3.html
shishamo>         http://www.debian.or.jp/Lists-Archives/debian-users/199908/msg00364.html
shishamo>  ・ [debian-devel:10143] Work Needed in Translation Project (Re: Uploaded ja-trans
shishamo>     0.3 (source all) to jp)
shishamo>      □ ja-trans is just the po file and it would be better to merge the upstream
shishamo>         than upload to Debian. Does anyone do that work?
	          ja-trans is a package to provide japanese po files.
		These po files should be merge with the upstream than the
		upload to Debian. .... (かな?)

shishamo>      □ Taketoshi Sano reported that JP patch will merge to sgml-tools. Thanks a lot.
	                                                    merge into 
shishamo>         The capability to deal with 2 byte character charset by SGML is essential for
shishamo>         i18n of Debian. http://www.debian.or.jp/Lists-Archives/debian-devel/199908/
shishamo>         msg00137.html

shishamo>  ・ ITP to Debian
shishamo>     This section reports the JP member's ITP to Debian also Cc:ed to
shishamo>     debian-devel@debian.or.jp. Of course, this is a part of ITP to Debian by JP
shishamo>     members. A lot of ITP to Debian have been done directly.
shishamo>      □ [debian-devel:10122] ITP: yasgml
shishamo>      □ [debian-devel:10123] ITP: yatex
shishamo>         The above two has been ITPed by Taketoshi Sano. YaTeX is rather famous TeX
shishamo>         assist mode in Japan and yasgml is based on YaTeX.

shishamo>  ・ ITP to Debian JP 
shishamo>     This section reports the JP member's ITP to Debian JP.
shishamo>     Non-Debian developer of Debian JP member have no choice to ITP to Debian.