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Re: [Debian Weekly News Draft1] Debian JP News 1999/11/09 -1999/11/15


In article <19991115223552C.yoshio@xxxxxx>
 shishamo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx さん writes:

> 芳尾です。

> あと、jp-qa 関連のアップデートおよびweb へのアップロードは
> 今日12 時すぎになります。まいど遅れましてもうしわけないです。

毎度、御苦労さまです。最近あまり contribute できなくてすみません。

>    JP Merge Operation (continued)

>    Marco Pistore had been successfully [10]merged gs-ja patch to gs.
>    Thanks a lot!

And, the copyright problem in gs261j patch is resolved. The author
kindly grant us to use/modify/redistribute that patch under the GPL.
Patch for this change has already been reported via BTS.

>    Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp
>    Shizuoka-region Linux user event was [11]announced. Taketoshi Sano and
>    Kenshi Muto participated in this festival. Real broadcast and IRC
>    broadcast had done on this event(this event was already done at
>    11.13.1999.)

# イベント関係だと、lc99 の panel session の話題をどこかで出したいなあと
# 思いつつ、忙しくて書いてないです。ってまだ DJWN には直接関係無いかも。
# そうそう、Corel の関係者にコンタクト取れないか探してる、とかいう話を
# 書いてもらってもいいかも。

>    [12]ITPed to Debian perlftlib by ISHIKAWA Mutsumi. It would be one of
>    his extensive work towards X11 freetype support on Debian.

Recently, his xfs-xtt has been installed into potato. 
Ryuichi Arafune posted the question about setting to use xfs-xtt, and
later posted the summary. ([??])


     # (わたしのおうちは浜松市、「夜のお菓子」で有名さ。)
    <xlj06203@xxxxxxxxxxx> : Taketoshi Sano (佐野 武俊)