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[Debian Weekly News] Debian JP News 1999/12/13 - 1999/12/20

DJWN 12.20.1999 です。


に更新 & commitしました。

LC99 についての記述の鵜飼さんの IRC log から、まあこんなもんかな、とさ

あと、devel の tetex has time bomb? のスレッドはわたしがよく理解できて

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                   Debian JP Project: Debian JP Weekly News
Debian JP Weekly News 12/13/1999 - 12/18/1999

   This is the recent news [12/13/1999 - 12/18/1999] from Debian JP
   Project. Debian JP Project has now five open MLs, debian-users,
   debian-devel, debian-doc jp-policy, and jp-qa on debian.or.jp.
     * [1]JP Merge Operation (continued)
     * [2]Other Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp
     * [3]Debian JP References
   JP Merge Operation (continued)
   Taketoshi Sano has [4]uploaded new version (1.0.9-3) of sgml-tools as
   a new maintainer of that package. This version of sgml-tools can deal
   with Japanese properly.
   On previous weekend, we have event called [5]LC99 (Linux Conference
   '99) event and The distributer of Debimaru, Dice, Omoikane and Storm,
   which based on Debian has discussed about the direction of them, the
   merit and demerit on Debian, and their contribution area to Debian.
   The IRC log is temporaly placed at [6]here (Sorry for this is all
   Japanese). The two-stage CVS repository for Japanese translation is
   [7]prepared by Fumitoshi UKAI. Keita Maehara can upload this
   repository after checking the tranlation.
   Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp
   Slink boot-floopies image 2.0.37 with fixed the AHA2940 is
   [8]announced by Akihiro Hirano. It can be gotten from [9]here.
   Debian JP References
     * [10]Debian JP Project Home
     * [11]Debian JP Administration Log
       Fumitoshi UKAI, the Debian JP Project Leader, has been taking time
       to summarize the JP administration log (in Japanese) as well as
       the discussion on the debian.org's ML (in English).
   Thanks a lot for the below contribution from Debian JP project:
    Editor: Katsura S. Yoshio <yoshio@debian.or.jp>
   $Id: index.html,v 1.21 1999/12/16 15:36:08 yoshio Exp $


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   2. file://localhost/work/www.debian.or.jp/News/weekly/current/issue/index.html#discuss
   3. file://localhost/work/www.debian.or.jp/News/weekly/current/issue/index.html#reference
   4. http://www.debian.or.jp/Lists-Archives/debian-devel/199912/msg00075.html
   5. http://lc99.linux.or.jp/
   6. http://www.ukai.org/tmp/lc99/debian-panel.log
   7. http://www.debian.or.jp/Lists-Archives/debian-www/199912/msg00025.html
   8. http://www.debian.or.jp/Lists-Archives/debian-users/199912/msg00349.html
   9. http://fpms0002.tm.noda.sut.ac.jp/~hirano/linux%22
  10. http://www.debian.or.jp/
  11. http://www.debian.or.jp/diary/

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	K.S.Yoshio <shishamo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>