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Re: pmk po-debconf 訳



> msgid ""
> "The currently recommended way of configuring pmk for the host platform is to "
> "generate the /etc/pmk.conf file dynamically when installing the package. It "
> "is strongly recommended that you agree to move the old config file. If you "
> "do not agree, the new config file will be generated in /etc/pmk.conf.new. "
> "Please be aware that the old config file may cause the PMK configuration "
> "parser to fail, thus rendering your PMK setup unusable."
> msgstr ""
> "pmk をホストプラットフォームに合わせて設定する方法について、現在のお勧めは、"
> "パッケージインストール時に /etc/pmk.conf ファイルを動的に生成する、です。ま"