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DDTSS 翻訳完了 kwin4


DDTSS で翻訳完了 (translated) の内容を転送します。

DDTSS での処理はクローズしていますが、内容に問題があれば

# Source: kdegames
# Package: kwin4
# This Description is active
# This Description is owned
# Prioritize: 48
Description: Connect Four clone for KDE
 Four wins is a game for two players. Each player is represented by a
 colour (yellow and red). The goal of the game is to get four
 connected pieces of your colour into a row, column or any
 diagonal. This is done by placing one of your pieces into any of the
 seven columns. A piece will begin to fill a column from the bottom,
 i.e. it will fall down until it reaches the ground level or another
 stone. After a move is done it is the turn of the other player. This
 is repeated until the game is over, i.e. one of the players has four
 pieces in a row, column or diagonal or no more moves are possible
 because the board is filled.
 This package is part of KDE, and a component of the KDE games module.
 See the 'kde' and 'kdegames' packages for more information.
Description-ja: KDE 用 Connect Four クローン
 Four wins は2人でやるゲームです。各プレイヤーは色(黄色と赤)によって表わされ
 本パッケージは、KDE の一部であり、KDE games モジュールのコンポーネント
 です。詳細は 'kde' と 'kdegames' パッケージの説明文をご覧ください。
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Takuma Yamada <tyamada@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>