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DDTSS 翻訳完了 abiword


DDTSS で翻訳完了 (translated) の内容を転送します。

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# Source: abiword
# Package(s): abiword
# Prioritize: 50
# Versions: abiword (2.6.8-5), abiword (2.6.8-3), abiword (2.6.8-4),
abiword (2.6.8-1), abiword (2.6.4-5), abiword (2.6.4-5+b1)
# This Description is active
# This Description is owned
Description: efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration
 AbiWord is a full-featured, efficient word processing application.
 It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks, and
 is extensible with a variety of plugins.
 This package includes many of the available import/export plugins allowing
 AbiWord to interact with ODT, WordPerfect, and other formats.  It also
 includes tools plugins, offering live collaboration with AbiWord users
 on Linux and Windows (using TCP or Jabber/XMPP), web translation and
 dictionary support, and more.
 Additional plugins that require significant amounts of extra software to
 function are in the various abiword-plugin-* packages.
Description-ja: コラボレーション機能付高性能ワードプロセッサ
 AbiWord は高機能で効率的なワードプロセッサアプリケーションです。幅広い文
 このパッケージには ODT や WordPerfect など、数多くのファイル形式を
 AbiWord で読み込めるプラグインも収録されています。その他、ツールプラグイ
 ンを提供しています。他の Linux/Windows ユーザ (TCP や Jabber/XMPP などを通
 じて) とAbiWord でコラボレーションできるプラグイン、ウェブの翻訳・辞書サ
 abiword-plugin-* パッケージの中に収録されています。
# other Descriptions of the abiword package with a translation in ja:
# Description-id: 23 http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=23
# patch http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?diff1=23&diff2=51615&language=ja
# This Description is active
# This Description was in sid from 2005-07-16 to 2009-05-07;
# This Description was in lenny from 2007-06-14 to 2008-08-05;
# This Description was in etch from 2005-07-16 to 2009-05-07;

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