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yatex の debconf desctiption


yatex パッケージの bug を閉じるため、yatex-init.el でオリジナルの挙動を少し
変更し、それに伴って debconf でユーザ向けの通知を出そうと思っています。


Description: Default YaTeX-kanji-code (sjis) has changed (nil).
 The default of YaTeX-kanji-code is set to '2' (sjis) in its upstream,
which makes YaTeX always convert character code of existing documents
to sjis.
 To get rid of that, it is overridden as 'nil' in system-wide init file.
 If you want it to be set as original manner, set in your .emacs file.

Description: Default prefix key (C-c LETTER) has changed (C-c C-LETTER).
 YaTeX defines 'C-c LETTER' as its default control key sequense.
 It has changed with 'YaTeX-inhibit-prefix-key' to 'C-c C-LETTER' in
system-wide init file, as it conflicts with reserved keys for users.
 If you want it to be set as original manner, set nil in your .emacs file.