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Re: live-manual 誰か翻訳やりませんか?

01:24 SynrG > for wheezy, the branch is debian-old-3.0
01:25 SynrG > if someone answers, just direct them to inquire on our list at debian-live@lists.debian.org and/or our irc channel #debian-live
01:26 SynrG > i guess any new translation would go into debian-next and if complete, then cherry-picked to debian-old-3.0. at this time no changes are made for jessie so we can get last minute stuff in
01:27 SynrG > if you look at the difference between debian-old-3.0 and debian-next (which is targeted at jessie) i think it's just the removal of unmaintained translations
01:27 SynrG > (i.e. they were removed for wheezy and put back in debian-next for jessie)

・とりあえず debian-old-3.0を完成させて投げればおkかなー

no need to CC me :-)