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[debian-faq] ftparchives

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:3
msgid ""
"Alternatively, use <package>ndiswrapper</package> to use a driver for "
"Windows (if you have one) on your Linux system. See the <url "
"id=\"http://wiki.debian.org/NdisWrapper\"; name=\"Debian Wiki ndiswrapper "
"page\"> for more information."
msgstr ""
"代わりに <package>ndiswrapper</package> を使って Linux システムで Windows 用ド"
"ライバ (持っている場合) を使う方法もあります。さらなる情報については <url "
"id=\"http://wiki.debian.org/NdisWrapper\"; name=\"Debian Wiki ndiswrapper の"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:5
msgid "The Debian FTP archives"
msgstr "Debian FTP アーカイブ"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:7
msgid "How many Debian distributions are there?"
msgstr "Debian ディストリビューションはいくつありますか?"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:13
msgid ""
"There are three major distributions: the \"stable\" distribution, the "
"\"testing\" distribution, and the \"unstable\" distribution. The \"testing\" "
"distribution is sometimes `frozen' (see <ref id=\"frozen\">). Next to these, "
"there is the \"oldstable\" distribution (that's just the one from before "
"\"stable\"), and the \"experimental\" distribution."
msgstr ""
"主要なディストリビューションは3つあります:「安定版 (stable)」ディストリビュー"
"ション、「テスト版 (testing)」ディストリビューション、「不安定版 (unstable)」"
"ディストリビューション。「テスト版 (testing)」ディストリビューションは「凍結」"
"されていることもあります (<ref id=\"frozen\"> 参照)。次に、「旧安定版 "
"(oldstable)」ディストリビューション (これは単純に前の「安定版 (stable)」です) "

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:19
msgid ""
"Experimental is used for packages which are still being developed, and with "
"a high risk of breaking your system. It's used by developers who'd like to "
"study and test bleeding edge software. Users shouldn't be using packages "
"from here, because they can be dangerous and harmful even for the most "
"experienced people."
msgstr ""
"Experimental は未だ開発中のパッケージが利用するもので、システムを破壊するよう"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:21
msgid "See <ref id=\"choosing\"> for help when choosing a Debian distribution."
msgstr ""
"Debian ディストリビューションを選択する際の手助けについては <ref id=\""
"choosing\"> を見てください。"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:23
msgid "What are all those names like etch, lenny, etc.?"
msgstr "etch や lenny 等という名前は一体何ですか?"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:30
msgid ""
"They are just \"codenames\". When a Debian distribution is in the "
"development stage, it has no version number but a codename. The purpose of "
"these codenames is to make easier the mirroring of the Debian distributions "
"(if a real directory like <tt>unstable</tt> suddenly changed its name to "
"<tt>stable</tt>, a lot of stuff would have to be needlessly downloaded "
msgstr ""
"単なる「コード名」です。Debian ディストリビューションが開発段階にあるとき、そ"
"こにバージョン番号はなくコード名はあります。このコード名の目的は Debian ディス"
"トリビューションのミラー作業を楽にすることです (もし実際のディレクトリ、例え"
"ば <tt>unstable</tt> が突然 <tt>stable</tt> に変わったとしたら無用に多く再ダ"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:36
msgid ""
"Currently, <tt>stable</tt> is a symbolic link to <tt>&releasename;</tt> "
"(i.e. &debian; &release;) and <tt>testing</tt> is a symbolic link to "
"<tt>&testingreleasename;</tt>. This means that <tt>&releasename;</tt> is the "
"current stable distribution and <tt>&testingreleasename;</tt> is the current "
"testing distribution."
msgstr ""
"現在 <tt>stable</tt> は <tt>&releasename;</tt> (つまり &debian; &release;) へ"
"のシンボリックリンクで、<tt>testing</tt> は <tt>&testingreleasename;</tt> への"
"シンボリックリンクです。これはつまり <tt>&releasename;</tt> は現在の安定版 "
"(stable) ディストリビューションで、<tt>&testingreleasename;</tt>は現在のテスト"
"版 (testing) ディストリビューションだということです。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:39
msgid ""
"<tt>unstable</tt> is a permanent symbolic link to <tt>sid</tt>, as "
"<tt>sid</tt> is always the unstable distribution (see <ref id=\"sid\">)."
msgstr ""
"<tt>unstable</tt> は恒久的に <tt>sid</tt> へのシンボリックリンクで <tt>sid</"
"tt> は常に不安定版 (unstable) ディストリビューションです (<ref id=\"sid\"> 参"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:41
msgid "Which other codenames have been used in the past?"
msgstr "他にはどんなコード名が過去に使われましたか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:50
msgid ""
"Other codenames that have been already used are: <tt>buzz</tt> for release "
"1.1, <tt>rex</tt> for release 1.2, <tt>bo</tt> for releases 1.3.x, "
"<tt>hamm</tt> for release 2.0, <tt>slink</tt> for release 2.1, "
"<tt>potato</tt> for release 2.2, <tt>woody</tt> for release 3.0, "
"<tt>sarge</tt> for release 3.1, <tt>etch</tt> for release 4.0, and "
"<tt>lenny</tt> for release 5.0, and <tt>squeeze</tt> for release 6.0, "
"<tt>wheezy</tt> for release 7.0."
msgstr ""
"既に使われた他のコード名は: リリース 1.1 に <tt>buzz</tt>、リリース 1.2 に "
"<tt>rex</tt>、リリース 1.3.x に <tt>bo</tt>、リリース 2.0 に <tt>hamm</tt>、リ"
"リース 2.1 に <tt>slink</tt>、リリース 2.2 に <tt>potato</tt>、リリース 3.0 "
"に <tt>woody</tt>、リリース 3.1 に <tt>sarge</tt>、リリース 4.0 に <tt>etch</"
"tt>、リリース 5.0 に <tt>lenny</tt>、リリース 6.0 に <tt>squeeze</tt>、リリー"
"ス 7.0 に <tt>wheezy</tt>。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:52
msgid "Where do these codenames come from?"
msgstr "このコード名は何に由来しているのですか?"

#. type: <p><list>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:53
msgid ""
"So far they have been characters taken from the \"Toy Story\" movies by "
msgstr ""
"これまでのところ Pixar による映画「トイストーリー」のキャラクターから選ばれて"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:54
msgid "<em>buzz</em> (Buzz Lightyear) was the spaceman,"
msgstr "<em>buzz</em> (Buzz Lightyear) は宇宙飛行士でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:55
msgid "<em>rex</em> was the tyrannosaurus,"
msgstr "<em>rex</em> はティラノサウルスでした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:56
msgid "<em>bo</em> (Bo Peep) was the girl who took care of the sheep,"
msgstr "<em>bo</em> (Bo Peep) は羊の世話をする少女でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:57
msgid "<em>hamm</em> was the piggy bank,"
msgstr "<em>hamm</em> は豚の貯金箱でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:58
msgid "<em>slink</em> (Slinky Dog) was the toy dog,"
msgstr "<em>slink</em> (Slinky Dog) はおもちゃの犬でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:59
msgid "<em>potato</em> was, of course, Mr. Potato,"
msgstr "<em>potato</em> はもちろん Mr. Potato。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:60
msgid "<em>woody</em> was the cowboy,"
msgstr "<em>woody</em> はカウボーイでした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:61
msgid "<em>sarge</em> was the sergeant of the Green Plastic Army Men,"
msgstr "<em>sarge</em> は緑のプラスチック陸軍の軍曹でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:62
msgid "<em>etch</em> was the toy blackboard (Etch-a-Sketch),"
msgstr "<em>etch</em> はおもちゃの黒板 (Etch-a-Sketch) でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:63
msgid "<em>lenny</em> was the toy binoculars,"
msgstr "<em>lenny</em> はおもちゃの双眼鏡でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:64
msgid "<em>squeeze</em> was the name for the three-eyed aliens,"
msgstr "<em>squeeze</em> は三ツ目のエイリアンの名前でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:66
msgid "<em>wheezy</em> was the name of the rubber toy penguin with a red bow tie,"
msgstr ""
"<em>wheezy</em> は赤い棒タイをつけたゴム製のおもちゃのペンギンの名前でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:69
msgid "<em>jessie</em> was the name of the yodelling cowgirl."
msgstr "<em>jessie</em> はヨーデルを歌うカウガールの名前でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:71
msgid "<em>sid</em> was the boy next door who destroyed toys."
msgstr "<em>sid</em> はおもちゃを壊す隣の少年でした。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:125
msgid "What about \"sid\"?"
msgstr "「sid」とは何?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:131
msgid ""
"<em>sid</em> or <em>unstable</em> is the place where most of the packages "
"are initially uploaded. It will never be released directly, because packages "
"which are to be released will first have to be included in <em>testing</em>, "
"in order to be released in <em>stable</em> later on. sid contains packages "
"for both released and unreleased architectures."
msgstr ""
"<em>sid</em> あるいは <em>unstable</em> というのはほとんどのパッケージが最初に"
"アップロードされる場所です。リリースするパッケージは <em>stable</em> にリリー"
"スする前にまず <em>testing</em> に収録される必要があるため、これが直接リリース"
"されることはありません。sid にはリリースされるアーキテクチャもリリースされない"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:134
msgid ""
"The name \"sid\" also comes from the \"Toy Story\" animated motion picture: "
"Sid was the boy next door who destroyed toys :-)"
msgstr ""
"「sid」という名もアニメ映画の「トイストーリー」から来ています: Sid はおもちゃ"
"を壊す隣の少年でした :-)"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:156
msgid ""
"<footnote><p>When the present-day sid did not exist, the FTP site "
"organization had one major flaw: there was an assumption that when an "
"architecture is created in the current unstable, it will be released when "
"that distribution becomes the new stable. For many architectures that isn't "
"the case, with the result that those directories had to be moved at release "
"time. This was impractical because the move would chew up lots of "
"bandwidth. </p><p>The archive administrators worked around this problem for "
"several years by placing binaries for unreleased architectures in a special "
"directory called \"sid\". For those architectures not yet released, the "
"first time they were released there was a link from the current stable to "
"sid, and from then on they were created inside the unstable tree as "
"normal. This layout was somewhat confusing to users. </p><p>With the advent "
"of package pools (see <ref id=\"pools\">), binary packages began to be "
"stored in a canonical location in the pool, regardless of the distribution, "
"so releasing a distribution no longer causes large bandwidth consumption on "
"the mirrors (there is, however, a lot of gradual bandwidth consumption "
"throughout the development process).</p></footnote>"
msgstr ""
"<footnote><p>sid が存在しなかった時、FTP サイトの構成には一つの大きな欠陥があ"
"りました: ある時点で unstable にアーキテクチャを作成した場合、そのディストリ"
"たときにはその時点の stable から sid にリンクが作成され、その後は unstable ツ"
"ました。</p><p>パッケージプール (<ref id=\"pools\"> 参照) ができたことで、バイ"
"ことはなくなりました (開発プロセス全体としては多くの帯域を緩やかに消費している"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:158
msgid "What does the stable directory contain?"
msgstr "stable ディレクトリには何がありますか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:162
msgid ""
"stable/main/: This directory contains the packages which formally constitute "
"the most recent release of the &debian; system."
msgstr ""
"stable/main/: このディレクトリには &debian; システムの最新リリースを正式に構成"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:166
msgid ""
"These packages all comply with the <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines\"; name=\"Debian Free "
"Software Guidelines\">, and are all freely usable and distributable."
msgstr ""
"ここに置かれるパッケージは全て <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/social_contract";
"#guidelines\" name=\"Debian フリーソフトウェアガイドライン (DFSG)\"> に準拠"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:170
msgid ""
"stable/non-free/: This directory contains packages distribution of which is "
"restricted in a way that requires that distributors take careful account of "
"the specified copyright requirements."
msgstr ""
"stable/non-free/: このディレクトリには配布に制限があり、指定されている著作権要"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:176
msgid ""
"For example, some packages have licenses which prohibit commercial "
"distribution. Others can be redistributed but are in fact shareware and not "
"free software. The licenses of each of these packages must be studied, and "
"possibly negotiated, before the packages are included in any redistribution "
"(e.g., in a CD-ROM)."
msgstr ""
"もあります。こういったパッケージは、(例えば CD-ROM) に収録して再配布する前に各"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:181
msgid ""
"stable/contrib/: This directory contains packages which are DFSG-free and "
"<em>freely distributable</em> themselves, but somehow depend on a package "
"that is <em>not</em> freely distributable and thus available only in the "
"non-free section."
msgstr ""
"stable/contrib/: このディレクトリには、それ自体は DFSG フリーで<em>自由に配布"
"できる</em>けれども、自由に配布<em>できない</em>ために non-free でのみ利用可能"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:185
msgid "What does the testing distribution contain?"
msgstr "テスト版 (testing) ディストリビューションには何が収録されていますか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:188
msgid ""
"Packages are installed into the `testing' directory after they have "
"undergone some degree of testing in <qref id=\"unstable\">unstable</qref>."
msgstr ""
"パッケージは <qref id=\"unstable\">unstable</qref> である程度のテストを経た後"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:194
msgid ""
"They must be in sync on all architectures where they have been built and "
"mustn't have dependencies that make them uninstallable; they also have to "
"have fewer release-critical bugs than the versions currently in "
"testing. This way, we hope that `testing' is always close to being a release "
msgstr ""
"なるような依存を作ることもできません。リリースクリティカルバグが現在テスト版 "
"(testing) にあるバージョンよりも増えることも許されません。こうして、「テスト"
"版 (testing)」が常にリリース候補に近づいていくことを期待します。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:198
msgid ""
"More information about the status of \"testing\" in general and the "
"individual packages is available at <url "
msgstr ""
"「テスト版 (testing)」の状態全般や個々のパッケージについてのさらなる情報は "
"<url id=\"http://www.debian.org/devel/testing\";> にあります。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:200
msgid "What about \"testing\"? How is it `frozen'?"
msgstr ""
"「テスト版 (testing)」はどういうものですか? どのように「凍結 (freeze)」されま"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:204
msgid ""
"When the \"testing\" distribution is mature enough, the release manager "
"starts `freezing' it. The normal propagation delays are increased to ensure "
"that as little as possible new bugs from \"unstable\" enter \"testing\"."
msgstr ""
"「テスト版 (testing)」ディストリビューションが十分完成の域に達すると、リリース"
"管理者が「凍結 (freeze)」を開始します。新しいバグが「不安定版 (unstable)」から"
"「テスト版 (testing)」にできるだけ持ち込まれないようにするため、通常の伝搬の遅"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:210
msgid ""
"After a while, the \"testing\" distribution becomes truly `frozen'. This "
"means that all new packages that are to propagate to the \"testing\" are "
"held back, unless they include release-critical bug fixes. The \"testing\" "
"distribution can also remain in such a deep freeze during the so-called "
"`test cycles', when the release is imminent."
msgstr ""
"しばらくして「テスト版 (testing)」ディストリビューションが本当に「凍結 "
"(freeze)」されます。これは新しいパッケージの「テスト版 (testing)」への伝搬が、"
"版 (testing)」ディストリビューションがこういったさらに強い凍結 (deep freeze) "

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:216
msgid ""
"When a \"testing\" release becomes `frozen', \"unstable\" tends to partially "
"freeze as well. This is because developers are reluctant to upload radically "
"new software to unstable, in case the frozen software in testing needs minor "
"updates and to fix release critical bugs which keep testing from becoming "
msgstr ""
"「テスト版 (testing)」リリースが「凍結」されると「不安定版 (unstable)」も同様"
"に部分的な凍結 (freeze) にな傾向があります。これはテスト版 (testing) で凍結 "
"(freeze) されているソフトウェアに些細な更新やテスト版 (testing) が「安定版 "
"発者が全く新しいソフトウェアを不安定版 (unstable) にアップロードすることに消極"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:221
msgid ""
"We keep a record of bugs in the \"testing\" distribution that can hold off a "
"package from being released, or bugs that can hold back the whole "
"release. For details, please see <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/releases/testing/\"; name=\"current testing "
"release information\">."
msgstr ""
"ついて、テスト版 (testing) ディストリビューションのバグ記録を維持しています。"
"詳細については<url id=\"http://www.debian.org/releases/testing/\"; name=\"テス"
"ト版 (testing) リリース情報\">を見てください。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:225
msgid ""
"Once that bug count lowers to maximum acceptable values, the frozen "
"\"testing\" distribution is declared \"stable\" and released with a version "
msgstr ""
"このバグの数が受け入れられる最大値まで下がると、凍結 (freeze) されているテスト"
"版 (testing) ディストリビューションは安定版 (stable) と宣言され、バージョン番"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:234
msgid ""
"The most important bug count is the \"Release Critical\" bug count, which "
"can be followed in the <url id=\"http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/\"; "
"name=\"Release-critical bug status page\">. A common release goal is <url "
"id=\"http://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseGoals/NoRCBugs\"; name=\"NoRCBugs\"> which "
"means that the distribution should not have any bugs of severity critical, "
"grave or serious. The full list of issues considered critical can be found "
"in the <url id=\"http://release.debian.org/testing/rc_policy.txt\"; name=\"RC "
"policy document\">."
msgstr ""
"最も重要なバグの数は「リリースクリティカル (RC、Release Critical)」バグの数"
"で、これは <url id=\"http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/\"; name=\""
"Release-critical bug status (RCバグ状況) のページ\">で追うことができます。一般"
"的なリリース目標は <url id=\"http://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseGoals/NoRCBugs\"; "
"name=\"NoRCBugs (RCバグ0)\"> で、そのディストリビューションには重要度が "
"critical (致命的)、grave (重大)、serious (深刻) のバグがあるべきではないことを"
"意味します。致命的だと見なされる問題の完全な一覧は <url id=\"http://release.";
"debian.org/testing/rc_policy.txt\" name=\"RC ポリシー文書\">にあります。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:238
msgid ""
"With each new release, the previous \"stable\" distribution becomes obsolete "
"and moves to the archive. For more information please see <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/distrib/archive\"; name=\"Debian archive\">."
msgstr ""
"新しいリリースごとに、以前の安定版 (stable) ディストリビューションは古くなって"
"アーカイブに移動います。さらなる情報については <url id=\"http://www.debian.";
"org/distrib/archive\" name=\"Debian アーカイブ\">を見てください。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:240
msgid "What does the unstable distribution contain?"
msgstr "不安定版 (unstable) ディストリビューションには何が収録されていますか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:246
msgid ""
"The `unstable' directory contains a snapshot of the current development "
"system. Users are welcome to use and test these packages, but are warned "
"about their state of readiness. The advantage of using the unstable "
"distribution is that you are always up-to-date with the latest in GNU/Linux "
"software industry, but if it breaks: you get to keep both parts :-)"
msgstr ""
"しておく必要があります。不安定版 (unstable) ディストリビューションには常に "
"GNU/Linux ソフトウェアの世界で最新版を使用するという利点がありますが、それが壊"
"れていたとしたら (略)。利点だけではなく欠点もあり得るということです :-)"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:249
msgid ""
"There are also main, contrib and non-free subdirectories in `unstable', "
"separated on the same criteria as in `stable'."
msgstr ""
"「unstable」にも「stable」と同一の基準で分けられた main、contrib、non-free サ"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:251
msgid "What are all those directories at the Debian FTP archives?"
msgstr "Debian FTP アーカイブにあるこのディレクトリ群は一体何ですか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:254
msgid ""
"The software that has been packaged for &debian; is available in one of "
"several directory trees on each Debian mirror site."
msgstr ""
"&debian; 用にパッケージ化されているソフトウェアは各 Debian ミラーサイトにある"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:258
msgid ""
"The <tt>dists</tt> directory is short for \"distributions\", and it is the "
"canonical way to access the currently available Debian releases (and "
msgstr ""
"<tt>dists</tt> ディレクトリは「distributions (ディストリビューション)」の短縮"
"形で現在利用可能な Debian リリース (とリリース前) にアクセスするための正当な手"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:261
msgid ""
"The <tt>pool</tt> directory contains the actual packages, see <ref "
msgstr ""
"<tt>pool</tt> ディレクトリには実際のパッケージが収録されます。<ref id=\""
"pools\"> 参照。"

#. type: <p><taglist>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:262
msgid "There are the following supplementary directories:"
msgstr "以下の補足するディレクトリがあります:"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:263
msgid "<em>/tools/</em>:"
msgstr "<em>/tools/</em>:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:265
msgid ""
"DOS utilities for creating boot disks, partitioning your disk drive, "
"compressing/decompressing files, and booting Linux."
msgstr ""
"張、Linux のブート等を行う DOS ユーティリティ。"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:266
msgid "<em>/doc/</em>:"
msgstr "<em>/doc/</em>:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:268
msgid ""
"The basic Debian documentation, such as this FAQ, the bug reporting system "
"instructions, etc."
msgstr "このFAQ やバグ報告システムの説明等、基礎的な Debian 文書。"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:269
msgid "<em>/indices/</em>:"
msgstr "<em>/indices/</em>:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:271
msgid "various indices of the site (the Maintainers file and the override files)."
msgstr "サイトの様々な索引 (Maintainers ファイルや override ファイル)。"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:272
msgid "<em>/project/</em>:"
msgstr "<em>/project/</em>:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:274
msgid "mostly developer-only materials and some miscellaneous files."
msgstr "ほぼ開発者だけを対象とするものや雑多なファイル。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:279
msgid "What are all those directories inside <tt>dists/stable/main</tt>?"
msgstr "<tt>dists/stable/main</tt> 以下にあるディレクトリは一体何ですか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:284
msgid ""
"Within each of the major directory "
"trees<footnote><p><tt>dists/stable/main</tt>, <tt>dists/stable/contrib</tt>, "
"<tt>dists/stable/non-free</tt>, and <tt>dists/unstable/main/</tt>, "
"etc.</p></footnote>, there are three sets of subdirectories containing index "
msgstr ""
"</tt> 等</p></footnote>内には索引ファイルの置かれるサブディレクトリが3つありま"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:290
msgid ""
"There's one set of <tt>binary-<var>something</var></tt> subdirectories which "
"contain index files for binary packages of each available computer "
"architecture, for example <tt>binary-i386</tt> for packages which execute on "
"Intel x86 PC machines or <tt>binary-sparc</tt> for packages which execute on "
"Sun SPARCStations."
msgstr ""
"利用可能な各コンピュータアーキテクチャ、例えば Intel x86 PC マシン上で実行する"
"パッケージ向けの <tt>binary-i386</tt> や Sun SPARCStations 上で実行するパッ"
"ケージ向けの <tt>binary-sparc</tt> のバイナリパッケージの索引ファイルを収録す"
"る <tt>binary-<var>何か</var></tt>サブディレクトリ群があります。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:294
msgid ""
"The complete list of available architectures for each release is available "
"at <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/releases/\"; name=\"the release's web "
"page\">. For the current release, please see <ref id=\"arches\">."
msgstr ""
"各リリースで利用可能なアーキテクチャ完全な一覧は<url id=\"http://www.debian.";
"org/releases/\" name=\"リリースウェブページ\">にあります。現在のリリースについ"
"ては <ref id=\"arches\"> を見てください。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:299
msgid ""
"The index files in binary-* are called Packages(.gz, .bz2) and they include "
"a summary of each binary package that is included in that distribution. The "
"actual binary packages reside in the top level <qref "
"id=\"pools\"><tt>pool</tt> directory</qref>."
msgstr ""
"binary-* にある索引ファイルは Packages(.gz、.bz2) と呼ばれ、ディストリビュー"
"実際のバイナリパッケージは最上位の <qref id=\"pools\"><tt>pool</tt> ディレクト"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:303
msgid ""
"Furthermore, there's a subdirectory called source/ which contains index "
"files for source packages included in the distribution. The index file is "
"called Sources(.gz, .bz2)."
msgstr ""
"さらに source/ というサブディレクトリにはディストリビューションに収録されてい"
"るソースパッケージの索引ファイルが収録されています。この索引ファイルは "
"Sources(.gz、.bz2) と呼ばれます。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:307
msgid ""
"Last but not least, there's a set of subdirectories meant for the "
"installation system index files, they are at "
msgstr ""
"クトリ群が <tt>debian-installer/binary-<var>アーキテクチャ</var></tt>にありま"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:309
msgid "Where is the source code?"
msgstr "ソースコードはどこにありますか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:314
msgid ""
"Source code is included for everything in the Debian system. Moreover, the "
"license terms of most programs in the system <em>require</em> that source "
"code be distributed along with the programs, or that an offer to provide the "
"source code accompany the programs."
msgstr ""
"Debian システム全てのソースコードが収録されています。また、このシステムにある"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:321
msgid ""
"The source code is distributed in the <tt>pool</tt> directory (see <ref "
"id=\"pools\">) together with all the architecture-specific binary "
"directories. To retrieve the source code without having to be familiar with "
"the structure of the FTP archive, try a command like <tt>apt-get source "
msgstr ""
"ソースコードは <tt>pool</tt> ディレクトリ (<ref id=\"pools\"> 参照) 以下のアー"
"キテクチャごとの全バイナリディレクトリで一緒に配布しています。FTP アーカイブの"
"構造をよく理解せずにソースコードを取得するには、<tt>apt-get source パッケージ"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:325
msgid ""
"Some packages are only distributed as source code due to the restrictions in "
"their licenses. Notably, one such package is <tt>pine</tt>, see <ref "
"id=\"pine\"> for more information."
msgstr ""
"す。こういったパッケージの一つの例として <tt>pine</tt> があります。さらなる情"
"報については <ref id=\"pine\"> を見てください。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:328
msgid ""
"Source code may or may not be available for packages in the \"contrib\" and "
"\"non-free\" directories, which are not formally part of the Debian system."
msgstr ""
"「contrib」や「non-free」ディレクトリに置かれる、正式に Debian システムの一部"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:330
msgid "What's in the <tt>pool</tt> directory?"
msgstr "<tt>pool</tt> ディレクトリには何がありますか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:337
msgid ""
"Packages are kept in a large `pool', structured according to the name of the "
"source package. To make this manageable, the pool is subdivided by section "
"(`main', `contrib' and `non-free') and by the first letter of the source "
"package name. These directories contain several files: the binary packages "
"for each architecture, and the source packages from which the binary "
"packages were generated."
msgstr ""
"構造化されています。管理しやすくするため、pool は分類 (「main」、「contrib」、"
"「non-free」) とソースパッケージ名の頭文字によりさらに分割されています。この"
"ディレクトリには複数のファイルが収録されます : 各アーキテクチャ用のバイナリ"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:342
msgid ""
"You can find out where each package is placed by executing a command like "
"<tt>apt-cache showsrc mypackagename</tt> and looking at the `Directory:' "
"line. For example, the <tt>apache</tt> packages are stored in "
msgstr ""
"<tt>apt-cache showsrc パッケージ名</tt>のようなコマンドを実行してその"
"きます。例えば <tt>apache</tt> パッケージは <tt>pool/main/a/apache/</tt> に置"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:352
msgid ""
"Additionally, since there are so many <tt>lib*</tt> packages, these are "
"treated specially: for instance, libpaper packages are stored in "
msgstr ""
"さらに、<tt>lib*</tt> パッケージはあまりに多いため特別に扱っています: 例えば "
"libpaper パッケージは <tt>pool/main/libp/libpaper/</tt> に置かれています。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:362
msgid ""
"<footnote><p>Historically, packages were kept in the subdirectory of "
"<tt>dists</tt> corresponding to which distribution contained them. This "
"turned out to cause various problems, such as large bandwidth consumption on "
"mirrors when major changes were made. This was fixed with the introduction "
"of the package pool. </p><p>The <tt>dists</tt> directories are still used "
"for the index files used by programs like <tt>apt</tt>.</p></footnote>"
msgstr ""
"する <tt>dists</tt> のサブディレクトリに保管されていました。これが原因で大きな"
"これはパッケージ置き場 (pool) の導入により修正されました。</p><p><tt>dists</"
"tt> ディレクトリは <tt>apt</tt> のようなプログラムにより利用される索引ファイル"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:364
msgid "What is \"incoming\"?"
msgstr "「incoming」とは何ですか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:368
msgid ""
"After a developer uploads a package, it stays for a short while in the "
"\"incoming\" directory before it is checked that it's genuine and allowed "
"into the archive."
msgstr ""

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:374
msgid ""
"Usually nobody should install things from this place. However, in some rare "
"cases of emergency, the incoming directory is available at <url "
"id=\"http://incoming.debian.org/\";>. You can manually fetch packages, check "
"the GPG signature and MD5sums in the .changes and .dsc files, and then "
"install them."
msgstr ""
"まれな状況では <url id=\"http://incoming.debian.org/\";> にある incoming ディレ"
"クトリを利用することができます。手作業によりパッケージを取得して .changes や "
".dsc ファイルにある GPG 署名や MD5sums を確認しインストールしてください。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:47 ftparchives.sgml:376
msgid "How do I set up my own apt-able repository?"
msgstr "apt 対応リポジトリを用意する方法は?"

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